Who is paying for the meals?

Each meal we provide to a student allows us to receive reimbursement from the government. This reimbursement is currently our main source of income and is used to buy food and pay our staff. All staff are currently being paid, despite school closures. By getting a meal, you help support our department and employees and keep us operating! We also have been applying for grants, which help with equipment costs.

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1. Are meals available for all families?
2. What is in a meal bag?
3. How do I pick up a meal?
4. Do I have to pre-order my meals?
5. I want to pick up meals but I’m not considered “in need,” am I able to still take part in the program? Will I be taking away from someone who needs it?
6. Who is paying for the meals?
7. How many meals are you producing per week?
8. How long will the food service program be available?