Are there one-way only or monthly passes available for purchase?

No. We contract buses for the school year. Bus passes allow for school transportation service for the entire school year.

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1. When will the school bus routes be posted?
2. Will I have the same bus number and same bus driver as in past years?
3. I just moved to the district or have a change of address or would like to utilize bus service. How do I add my student to a bus route?
4. Is there assigned seating on the school bus?
5. What are the expectations for student behavior while riding the bus?
6. Who do I contact if I have concerns about student behavior on the bus?
7. When does my student need to be at the bus stop?
8. Do I need to be at the bus stop with my Kindergarten student?
9. I had a stop near my house last year. Why did it change?
10. The bus drives past my house. Why can’t you add a stop, it will only take a minute?
11. Are the bus stops for middle and high school at the same locations as elementary schools?
12. What distance from the school must my family live for my child to be eligible for bus transportation?
13. I don't like our bus stop. I would like a stop changed or added. What do I do?
14. How does the school district evaluate a school bus stop for safety?
15. My student will go to a relative or a friend's home for aftercare every day. Is my student eligible for bus transportation?
16. My student has a play date at another student's house or has an after school activity. Can my student change the bus for today?
17. Does everyone need a bus pass?
18. Are there one-way only or monthly passes available for purchase?
19. Is there financial aid available?
20. I lost my bus pass. What should I do?
21. Who do I contact if I have concerns about my student’s school bus driver?
22. Who do I contact to inquire about “lost and found” items on the school bus?
23. My student missed the bus. Can the bus come back?
24. Are Andover Public Schools Buses equipped with surveillance cameras?
25. Where do I find pick-up and drop off times for my student in the specialized transportation program?
26. My student receives specialized transportation and will not be going to school because of an appointment or illness. Who do I call?
27. Who do I contact if I need to change my student’s specialized transportation schedule?
28. Should I expect my student to be transported if Andover Public Schools cancels school because of inclement weather?
29. My student attends one of the private schools in Andover. Does Andover provide transportation?