Who serves on the West Elementary/Shawsheen School Building Committee?

Joel Blumstein


Magda Parvey


Andrew Flanagan

Town Manager

Susan McCready

School Committee Member

Tracey Spruce

School Committee Member

Janet Nicosia

Director of Facilities

Keith Taverna

APS Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Administration 

Patrick Lawlor

Town Finance Director

Elizabeth Roos

Member, Town Resident, Former West Elementary Principal

Carol Green

Member, Shawsheen Early Childhood Coordinator

Paul Rollins

Member, Town Resident, Construction Project Executive

Siggy Pfendler

Member, Town Resident, Construction Director of Improvement & Innovation

Armata Kirpalani

Member, Town Resident, Independent Design Consultant

Rick Almeida

Member, Town Resident, Architect (focus: K-12 public schools)

Mark Johnson

Member, Town Resident, Real Estate Attorney, Chair of AHS Facility Study Committee, Chair of Bancroft Elementary School Building Committee

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1. What will the new West El/Shawsheen Preschool look like and where will it be located?
2. How will the educational environment be improved at the new West El?
3. How will the educational environment be improved at the new Shawsheen preschool?
4. What is the schedule for construction activities?
5. How will traffic circulation change during construction?
6. How will construction vehicles enter and exit the site?
7. How will people be notified of changes in traffic circulation?
8. What will the project work hours be?
9. Will play areas be relocated during construction?
10. What will happen to the playing fields behind the current West El?
11. Will there be other impacts on students’ learning environment during construction?
12. When will the new schools open?
13. What are the next steps in the MSBA process/timeline?
14. What is the project budget and what is being done to ensure that there are no cost overruns?
15. What will the tax impact be of the new West El/Shawsheen Preschool?
16. Will the project involve redistricting and, if so, when will that occur?
17. The new WESB project is described as “Net Zero Ready.” What does that mean?
18. Why wasn’t the installation of solar panels on the roof and/or in the parking areas made a part of the current construction project?
19. How much of the new West El/ Shawsheen Preschool energy needs will come from on-site sources?
20. What will happen to the existing West El facility?
21. What will happen to the existing Shawsheen facility?
22. Who are the project contractors?
23. Who serves on the West Elementary/Shawsheen School Building Committee?
24. How can I get more information about the project?