Why should I put money on my child’s account?

The money within the child’s account can be used to pay for breakfast, lunch, milk and snacks. This helps the lunch lines move faster so that each student has ample time to enjoy their meals. It also prevents students who are receiving meal benefits from being overtly identified.

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1. How do I put money on my child’s account?
2. Are online payments available?
3. What is the difference between the child’s ID number and their PIN number?
4. When depositing a check online at SendMoneyToSchool, which number on the check is the routing (transit) number and which is the account number?
5. Does my child’s ID number and PIN number change from year to year?
6. Why should I put money on my child’s account?
7. If I choose not to put any money on the account, can my child use cash daily to pay for their meals?
8. Does my child’s negative balance get erased at the end of the each school year?
9. If my child receives free or reduced-price meals, will other’s students be able to tell?
10. My child qualifies for free or reduced-price meals. Does this mean everything, including second lunches and snacks, are free or reduced-price?
11. What components are included in the lunch price?
12. What are the lunch prices for the 2020-2021 school year?
13. How much should I deposit so that my child has enough money for a month’s worth of lunches?