About Our School

School History

The South School became an active part of the Andover School System on September 8, 1958, with an enrollment of 490 pupils and 15 teachers.

The Ballardvale Parent-Teacher Association was organized in 1929 as a unit of the Massachusetts and National Parent-Teacher Association by Mrs. George Whitting, then President of the State Association. The first President was Mrs. Miles Ward who served in that capacity for two years. She was succeeded at two- year intervals by Timothy S. Haggerty, Mrs. George Brown, Leslie L. Hadley, Mrs. Stern Cormey, Michael Bell, and Mrs. James Butler, a niece of the first Vice President.

"It is worthy to notice that the father members have shared equally with the mothers the responsibility of the Presidency." The above quote was taken from a book entitled Andover, What It Was, What It Is, published in 1946 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Town of Andover.

Prior to the opening of the South School in 1958, the Bradlee School served as the neighborhood school for much of the present South School District.