Tips for Academic Success

How do you academically succeed at AHS? The key is strong study skills. It is important to develop and maintain good study skills throughout your high school career. Here are just a few suggestions to start your year off well and help you keep up with your studies.
  • Use an assignment notebook every day to keep track of homework, tests, quizzes and grades.
  • Keep a separate notebook and folder for each of your classes.
  • Always pay attention in class while taking good notes. These notes will be very important in helping you study for midterm and final exams.
  • Participate in class discussions. This will keep you focused on the topic at hand and show your teacher that you care about learning.
  • Always ask questions if you need something clarified. If you cannot get your question answered during class time, make some time to speak with the teacher after class or after school. Go for extra help whenever you are struggling in a class. Your teachers are regularly available after school to help you. By spending a few minutes after school with them not only will you get your questions answered and get you started on your homework but it will once again show your teacher that you care about his/her class.
  • Save all of your old tests and quizzes and keep them organized. These too will help you with tests and final exams.
  • Do all of your homework. In addition to assignments to be handed in, you should review your notes and do all required readings. On average you should have one hour of homework per class every night. In reality, you should never have a night without homework!