Sophomore Year


Sophomore year is a time for students to focus on personal growth and academic achievement. Students are encouraged to expand extracurricular activities and explore leadership opportunities. The opportunities may be found in community service, clubs, athletics, fine arts, employment, and other areas of personal interest.


Career Exploration-

Counselors utilize the career planning and assessment tools in Naviance. These online assessments allow student to realize their strengths, goals, skills, knowledge, values, constraints, and interests in future careers, to help them make better academic decisions.

The Career Interest Profiler—“A tool that can help you discover the types of work activities and careers that match your interests.”

The Do What You Are® Self Discovery Personality Type assessment—“You will learn about careers that are matched to you, your personal strengths and blindspots, how you negotiate in your daily life, and a host of other useful information.”

Academic Planning

—Counselors meet with students individually in the Spring to discuss academic selections for junior year.

College Admissions Program

—This program begins in the sophomore year with an effort to urge sophomores to take the PSAT in October. This effort helps students establish skill assessment, preparation for SAT’s and familiarity with all resources of the Collegeboard including for students and parent information, My Road career exploration and Quickstart for college information searches. An evening information session for parents fosters awareness of resources, and ways to follow up in sophomore year. Counselors provide individual academic advising for college readiness for every student. Students are advised to consider SAT subject tests by both teachers and counselors. 


National Honor Society Tutoring

The National Honor Society provides free tutoring in every subject. Please contact your student’s counselor for additional information on the National Honor Society Tutoring services. Teachers will often give extra credit to students who attend the NHS Tutoring.

Calendar of Special Events

In September, a double-sided calendar is emailed to all families.  This calendar outlines month-by-month important dates to remember, e.g. end of term dates, progress report dates, and course/level change deadlines. 


Aspen, our Student Information Management System, is available for student and parent access through a family portal. This online site,, will facilitate communication between parents, students and teachers. Assignments, progress reports, class updates, etc. will be posted on a regular basis in Aspen. All parents and students have usernames and passwords to access Aspen.


If you need assistance obtaining referrals for academic or personal issues, please contact your student’s counselor 

Tips for Parents

  • Continue to monitor academic progress reports and quarterly report cards. We encourage you to contact teachers directly through email or through department telephones. Teachers appreciate hearing from you directly about academic concerns and especially in response to how your child is progressing in their course.
  • Continue to encourage your son/daughter to be involved in a variety of activities and to develop leadership skills both in school and in the community. Andover Youth Services runs a large variety of programs offering opportunities outside of school.
  • Start to explore and discuss future college possibilities by making informal visits to colleges or college fairs.
  • In the spring, review your son/daughter’s four year plan for high school, making sure he/she has selected the most appropriate courses for junior year in light of teacher recommendation, graduation requirements, and college preparation.
  • Encourage your child to do his/her best on the MCAS exams in May. If they need additional preparation for the exam, then encourage them to take advantage of preparation opportunities offered.
  • Help your student choose meaningful activities for the summer months.