Andover Public Schools seeks grants to promote innovation and instructional and operational improvement from private foundations, corporations and government.


Andover Coalition for Education's (ACE) mission is to partner with the Andover Public Schools to support innovative, curriculum enhancing, system-wide initiatives that will inspire our students to succeed in facing today's global challenges. ACE's privately-funded initiatives are distinct from the annual school budget and are designed to support interdisciplinary programs and innovative, student-centered experiences. ACE works closely with the school administration to identify programs and initiatives that align with ACE's mission and have the greatest impact on the number of students, disciplines and grade levels.

Cummings Foundation As a place-based philanthropic initiative, the Cummings $25 Million Grant Program seeks to support nonprofits in Essex, Middlesex, and Suffolk counties in eastern Massachusetts. Each year, this program awards 140 grants to a diverse group of charities. These awards include 100 grants of $100,000 each, plus 40 ten-year grants of up to $500,000 each. These grants fund a wide variety of local causes, including underserved populations, healthcare, social justice, and education.

Grant Programs

The Elizabeth Roos Staff Development Fund is administered by the Office of Grants and Contributions at Andover Public Schools and provided with generous support from Greg and Ellen Sebasky on behalf of their family. Funding is available for West Elementary staff to obtain professional learning experiences to impact their practice. Applications will be due each fall.