Human Resources

Welcome to the Andover Public Schools Human Resource page. This site is designed to assist  School Department employees, as well as prospective employees learn about their employment contracts, benefits, professional development opportunities, retirement, and other related employment issues.

The mission of the Human Resource Office is to serve employees, prospective employees and the citizens of Andover in a manner that reflects the community’s core values and diverse culture. We seek to promote fairness, honesty, and equal opportunity for all.

We are steadfast in our commitment to develop a safe and healthy workplace that facilitates and promotes a positive work ethic, open communication, and professional and personal growth for all employees.

Our core services include recruitment and selection, compensation and benefit administration, employee and labor relations, and human resource information management.

Recruiting for a school district as large as Andover Public Schools is always busy, but it is particularly eventful from March to August each year. Although we hire for a myriad of positions and grade levels, candidates often pose the same question to the human resource department, “Why would I want to work for Andover Public Schools?”

Fortunately for us, APS is an easy place to sell. The district works to provide life-long learning opportunities, not only for our students, but also our staff. We recognize that our commitment to everyone in the APS community fosters learning for our children. These opportunities for our staff include a competitive salary, professional development, opportunities for grants, peer support and mentorship, a working environment that promotes innovation and initiative, and employment benefits that support our staff and their families. Many of our staff are life-long educators as well; more than 420 current educators have served the district for 10 years or more. It is a point of pride for the district that many serve our community for their entire career.

Professional Development and Support

Each year, new teacher orientation and mentor programs are offered to ensure a successful transition of teachers to the Andover Public Schools. There are also targeted professional development initiatives for our teachers to participate in including: Curriculum Councils, professional development on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives, summer curriculum work, In-District Course offerings, and various workshops.

The district created the EdTech team to support our educators as they leverage technology and digital platforms and tools for teaching and learning. Additionally, this is the first year all five elementary schools have had access to content coaches. Coaches help develop and support an adult learning culture for our educators that is aligned with the instructional core to ensure high-quality and equitable education for our students. The district anticipates content coaches will be added at the middle school level for the upcoming school year.

Salary, Benefits and Recruitment

Our average teacher salary is $91,456.00 annually, which is highly competitive for the area, and teachers receive 15 sick days per year. We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including tuition reimbursement for graduate credits, and health insurance from the Town of Andover.

Instructional assistants receive an average of $24.35/ hour for working 184 days per year, which is also competitive for the area. Instructional Assistants who work more than 20 hours per week receive 12.5 sick days per year and are also eligible for health insurance from the town and receive additional benefits after 10 years of service.

The district has also made a commitment to hire a more diverse employee population. That commitment was made by adding over $40,000 to our recruitment budget as a first step in further diversifying our staff. We have targeted advertisements in websites & publications that reach out to African Americans, LGBTQIA, Asian Pacific Islanders, and the Hispanic Community. We look forward to continuing this work.

Andover Public Schools is a great place to work. We offer very competitive pay and benefits, invest in our employees to make sure that they have the skills they need to be successful, and all of that is reflected the achievements or our district. I encourage all to review our districts’ employment opportunities here.