Clubs & Activities

Below is a general list of clubs/activities that either are currently running or have run at some point this school year.  Most clubs are meeting virtually.  Actual meeting "links" for all clubs can be found on Schoology. This list changes periodically based on the interest of the students and the availability of a club advisor.  Updates will be made as soon as possible. 




A Cappella Club: This Club will introduce members to a range of "a cappella" music and "a cappella" ensembles.  "A cappella" refers to solo or group singing without accompaniment.  Using video clips and audio clips available online, members will explore a number of different genres of "a cappella" music

Ms. Puglisi AHS show choir

Tuesday 4pm-6pm Choir Room

Aim2Learn Club:  With schools out and students struggling in the sudden online environment, a few friends and I co-founded a free one-on-one tutoring system called Aim2Learn. During the summer, nearly 20 elementary and middle school students participated in our challenging summer enrichment program, which was intended to strengthen their Math and English skills from the 2019-2020 school year, as well as introduce new topics. We created a free Math and English tutoring service for students in grades k-8 to help them out during online schooling. We want to further expand and establish a club so that more AHS students could get involved, and potentially build community service hours. Our club activities would include setting up fundraisers for school supplies that would go to underprivileged students, making lesson plans for the upcoming meetings, and tutoring. 

Mrs. Deschenes (Mr. Darlington)

Wednesday - 3:00pm - Room 370

Alzheimer's Awareness Club:  The Alzheimer's Awareness club is dedicated to spreading awareness about the terrible disease and how it impacts many. The club meets Thursdays 3-3:30 to discuss any volunteer opportunities and was the spread the word.

Mr. Duncan 

Thursday - 3:00-3:30pm - Room 253

Amigos Unidos: Somos amigos! Amigos Unidos is an all-inclusive, cultural awareness club dedicated to scholarly support, social enrichment, and community service.

Mrs. de Kelley & Ms. Vargas

Wednesday - 3:00pm - Room 301

Amnesty International: This club advocates for human rights. We hold fundraisers to raise money to donate to Amnesty International and also participate in campaigns to spread awareness about universal issues involving human rights.

Ms. Niles

Wednesday, 3:00-3:30pm Room 114

Andover Against Cancer: Cancer is prevalent in our world today. The goal of Andover Against Cancer is to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for cancer. This club will lend various possibilities to make a difference in the lives of many, including multiple volunteering and fundraising opportunities, in addition to periodical guest speakers and discussions on the numerous aspects of cancer, including recent research. Our club plans include fundraising for monthly cancers, and various organizations; advocating for disparities, educate others about cancer causes, treatments, prevention, and effects, and more!

Mr. Jannetti

Wednesdays after school - Room 225

Art Club (The): The Art Club is a community for those who enjoy the process of putting pen to paper, paint to canvas, and ideas to life. We are open to all students no matter your experience, interest, or ability. The only thing required is a love of creating!


Tuesday - 3:00pm - Room 115

Asian Culture Club: The Asian Culture Club aims to teach, promote, appreciate and celebrate Asian culture, its people, diversity and values. Our activities range from ramen tasting to watching Asian movies to playing traditional Chinese games. 

Ms. Lin Wu

Tuesday 3:00-3:30pm - Room 305

Asian Passion Program: A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing English tutoring through volunteering with the aim of breaking the language barrier between Asian and American culture.

Mrs. Gerard (Rebekah Gerard)

Wednesday 3:00 pm Room 226

Badminton Club:  Badminton gives you exactly what you put into it. Don't want to physically exert and exhaust yourself? That mindset can help you win! But if you're more experienced and highly competitive, come join us too. Our lives are devoted to serving the sport badminton... but you don't have to be as dedicated as us.

Faz & Mrs. Emery

Thursday 7:00-8:00am - Room Field House

BioBuilder Club: BioBuilder is a bioengineering club where students design cells to tackle today's challenges. Groups will be paired with scientific mentors in the field and have opportunities to publish in a scientific journal and present at conferences.

Mrs. L'Ecuyer

H5, Out of School by Appt  - Room 321

Black Student Union: The mission of a black student union is to create a healthy environment for Black students and individuals which actively unites students and staff by providing educational, social, and community outreach programming to the Andover High School community. BSU sets out to educate the Andover community on some of the aspects of the Black experience in order to decrease discrimination and injustice towards us.

Mr. Moody

Every other Tuesday - 3:00-3:45pm - Room 301

Book Club: Let’s make reading fun again! A no-pressure, student-run book club. We meet twice a month to pick and discuss new, exciting books! Anyone can join and discover how wonderful reading can be outside of school. 

Mr. Pellerin

Friday - 3:00pm - Room 201

Brazilian / Portuguese Club: Meets every Friday at 3 pm in room 361-15. Group for students interested in learning about and sharing Brazilian and Portuguese culture through music, food, and more.

Mr. Darlington

Friday - 3:00pm - Room 361-15

Bread and Roses Baking Club: The Bread and Roses Baking club is a great way to not only contribute to your community, but also have fun! By joining this club you will be able to donate to the Bread and Roses Soup Kitchen and bake new recipes on a flexible schedule.

Ms. Vives

Wednesday Mornings - 7:50am (once a month)/Online as coordinated. - Room 272

Computer Fusion Club: A club for people who want to enrich education around the globe through computer repair and refurbishment. We meet monthly to fix donated computers, and volunteers can choose to focus on Software, Hardware, or a mix of both. Finished computers are donated to places in need of computers such as Africa and Latin America. Beginners are welcome and encouraged; this club is a good way to get hands-on knowledge and volunteer hours!

Dr. Bezaire

Third Tuesday of every month after school from 3:00-6:00pm - Room 354

Computer Science Club: Do you like technology? Problem-solving? Winning awards? Join the CS Club! We compete in coding competitions and hackathons, and if there's a coding topic or project you're looking to explore, chances are you'll find others interested in it here. We train together - beginners are welcome!

Dr. Bezaire

Thursdays right after school! - Room 354

Covid Support Club: We target global health crises that are in dire need of attention.

Mr. Bledsoe

The First Friday of every month after school. Specific time tbd based on student availability.   - Room 233

Dance Team:  Dance Team welcomes all dancers to try out. We perform student-choreographed pieces at varsity basketball games during the winter.

Ms. Salois

Thursday - 3:00-4:00pm - Room 264 (yoga room)

Debate: We meet to debate issues of politics and current events every Thursday after school! We use the Lincoln Douglass debate format. We do a “Debate Day” every year where members of the club debate in the Collins Center and teachers often take their classes to watch the debates and vote on winners.

Mr. McCarthy 

Thursday - 3:00-4:30pm - Room 255

DECA: Students enrolled in any business class or want to major in Business in college or Entrepreneurship, have the opportunity to join the DECA Business and Marketing Organization.

Mrs. Stevens

Thursday 3:00-4:00pm Room Library/Media Center

DEI Student Advisory Committee (DEISC): A student-led committee dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the APS system by amplifying student voices. Members will advise on issues pertaining to DEI, ranging from curriculum to teaching a topic, as well as organize multicultural events. 

Ms. Ganci 

Specific Committee Schedules Vary - Contact Leaders For More Information - Room 333

Disability Alliance Club: this club will help people with three thing anderstanding  disable people , helping disable people and getting to know that's like as a disable person 

Mr. Bledsoe

Wednesday - 3:30-4:30pm - Room 233

Diversity Club: Diversity Club is a safe environment that recognizes and upholds the importance of diversity in all aspects of life. We strive to make our community more conscious of the world around it through thoughtful fun activities and discussions. 

Dr. Allen

Every other Monday from 3:00-3:45pm - Room 301

Drama Guild: The Andover High School Drama Guild is a group of actors and crew members who love theatre. We typically put on three productions a year and participate in fun events such as going to Screemfest together and staging a murder mystery party. If you love any sort of theatre and want to join an amazing community, this is the club for you!

Mrs. Choquette

There are rehearsals every day, but not every cast member is needed for every rehearsal. - Room Collins Center

Endangered Species Club: We are advocating for endangered animals and learning and fundraising for them to have a better life and future. Come join us to spread awareness of these incredible species.

Mr. Bledsoe

Friday - 3:00pm  - Room 235

Environmental Club: AHS Environmental Club is a group of passionate students who work towards creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious community.

Mrs. Cutler & Mr. Jannetti

Thursday - 5:15pm via Zoom

Eye to Eye Mentoring: This club is for students who may learn differently than their peers and want to mentor middle school students who may have similar learning styles.  The commitment is once a week after school for one hour 

Ms. Trant

Thursday - 3:00-4:00pm - West Middle School

Fashion and Design Club: Fashion and Design Club is a creative, interactive, and educational club that strives to teach/introduce students to the world of fashion! Throughout the year we do projects, arts and crafts, watch videos, etc. with the goal being one final project near the end of the year. Meetings currently are on the first and third Thursdays of every month right after school.  

Ms. Song

First and third Thursday of every month from 3:00-4:00pm (meeting times vary on the members availability)  - Room 367

Film Club: A place to gather with other students interested in filmmaking and video production. Work collaboratively to explore the creation of short films, music videos, TV studio productions, enter video contests and more.  

Mr. Brennan & Ms. Antonakos

Wednesdays After School (3:00pm) - TV Studio  

Future Medical Professionals:  We meet every two weeks on either Tuesday or Thursday in room 225. We are a club that wants to welcome any students that are interested in pursuing medicine as a future career goal. Learning about different medical careers and relevant opportunities (volunteering/shadowing), field trips, and internships. 

Ms. Holm Anderson

Tuesdays after school  - Room 225

Garden Club: With the help of teachers and mentors, students will manage the AHS Sustainable Garden located in the AHS courtyard.  

Ms. Paminger and Ms. Valenti

Tuesday - 3:00-3:30pm - Garden Courtyard

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA): GSA is a safe, welcoming club for any LGBT+ student or allies. Really, anyone is welcome! Meetings are very informal: we’re just there to support each other and have a good time. Covid permitting, we also have snacks!

Ms. Mitchell & Ms. Ganley

Thursday - 3:00pm - Room 269

Girls for Girls: We are a club that aims to empower women of all races, SO's, and socioeconomic statuses through social justice, fundraisers, community outreach, and conversation. 

Ms. Crowley (Kathleen Crowley)

Thursday - 2:51-3:30pm  - Room 326

Global Goals Club: Our club will raise money and awareness for the 17 global goals for sustainable development. These goals were created by the United Nations to develop an improved and sustainable future. We will meet once a month to discuss a goal and how to speed awareness or create a fundraiser. We are looking for creative students that can contribute fun and new ways to support the goals to help our planet. 

Mr. Bledsoe 

Monday after school  - Room 230

Graphic Novel Production Club: GNPC Is a club dedicated to the members creating their own comics and learning about the process of comic making. 

Mrs. Percival

Tuesdays - 2:55-3:30pm - Room 207

Greater Lawrence Rowing: Greater Lawrence Rowing youth programs include Middle and High school students from throughout the Merrimack Valley, including communities in Essex and Middlesex counties in Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire. Our primary focus is rowing as a team in our eight and four-person boats which we race at regattas on the weekends. Practices vary from two to five days a week at the Abe Bashara Boathouse depending on the program you take. Attendance is very important and in the winter we head indoors for strength & conditioning training plus technique & cardio on our rowing machines. All levels are welcome and we will be sure to find you a spot on the team where you feel included and supported.

Jed Koehler

BOYS: weekdays from 3:30-5:40pm and GIRLS: weekdays from 5:15-7:30pm - 1 Eaton St, Lawrence, MA 01843.

Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. Our club will help support this organization by donating through fundraisers.

Dr. Michaud

Online Tuesday - 6:00pm - Online

Harvard Homeless Mission Club: As a club member, you will get to create or give out care packages for the homeless in Andover, Cambridge Boston, and more. We also will do other events for community service, like working with young cancer patients!

Ms. Arnolds and Karen S. Waters(Main Advisor)

Tuesdays, 3:00 - 4:00 pm - Room 339

Health for Humanity Club: The purpose of the Health for Humanity Club is to advocate for Doctors Without Borders and for victims of war, disease, and natural or man-made disaster, without regard to race, religion, or political affiliation. We work directly with Doctors Without Borders to organize fundraising, events, and projects at AHS!

Mrs. Cutler

Every other Wednesday after school in Room 321! Join our Google Classroom (code: kgllark) for more information :) - Room 321

Interact Club: A youth extension of Rotary International, a community service group 

Ms. Breen

Monday, 3:00 - Room 328

Intramurals - Soccer: Planning to meet Sundays during the winter sports season from 3-4 pm in the fieldhouse to play futsal for those students who like to play soccer for fun.

Coach Moran,

Sunday - 3:00-4:00pm in winter - Fieldhouse

Journaling Club: Welcome to the world of journaling! This club is for all those interested in journaling, bullet journaling, and art. Whether you've been journaling for some time now, or want to try it out for the first time, this will be a community where you can relax, learn, and share art and journaling, organization tips, and bullet journaling basics.

Ms. Emory

Monday 3:05pm - Room 209

Key Club: Key Club is a nationally recognized student run organization which focuses on community service and bettering our community. We want to instill long lasting leadership skills as well as a love of service and lending a helping hand.

Mrs. Choquette

Thursday - 3:00pm  - Room 367

Lean In Club: The Lean In Club is a group designed for female leaders and pioneers to support each other, build their network, and learn ways to combat the obstacles they face due to gender stereotypes. If you've ever wanted an empowering support network and a curriculum designed to help you advocate for yourself and navigate both your current high-school life and your future career, Lean In is the right place for you!

Ms. Johnson

Every other Tuesday right after school, H4 - Room 226

Lend a Helping Hand Club: The purpose of our club is to help anyone in need during these tough times. We also want to bring awareness about disadvantaged groups so we will bring in guest speakers and conduct fundraisers. We will perform projects that help the community and help our members gain volunteering hours. 

Mr. Holmes

Wednesday - 3:00pm  - Room 377

Math Team: A group of math-loving students who meet weekly to solve multiple types of math problems, with topics ranging from Algebra to Geometry to Combinatorics, while participating in 6 monthly meets beginning in October against neighboring high schools in the Massachusetts Mathematics League. All are welcome to join!

Ms. Power & Mr. Foley

In person, Thursday - 3:00-4:00pm - Room 347

Mental Health Awareness Club: The AHS Mental Health Awareness Club aims to provide a safe, welcoming space for all AHS students to learn, educate, and talk about any and all mental health related matters. We seek to raise awareness, as well as combat current mental health issues within our community, as the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness is still a very prevalent problem. MHAC also seeks to work as a support system for all members and peers who may be struggling, and point them to trusted resources that may be available. We encourage anyone interested in learning about mental health or anyone seeking an open space to join!

Ms. Cherry

Biweekly on Tuesday mornings - 7:45-8:15am, potential meetings in the afternoons am,  - Room 370

Mental Health Club: Letters to Strangers - Mental Health Club - Letters to Strangers is a club dedicated to destigmatizing mental health. We work to create a space within the high school that allows for these open conversations with likeminded people who are passionate about this topic! Along with having these discussions, we host letter based projects to build connections with others and to gain a deeper understanding of mental health.

Ms. Emory

Tuesday - 3:00pm - Room 209

Mock Trial: Interested in law? Come join us to participate in an exciting mock trial. Play the role of a cross examination lawyer, direct lawyer, or a witness!

Ms. Giggie

Wednesday - 3:00pm - Room 222

Model United Nations: AHS Model United Nations is a community where students can come together to debate and discuss solutions to current events, just like in the UN. You don't need experience to join Model UN—we're open to everyone interested! Astounding delegates will travel to Harvard University for THREE NIGHTS in the spring to debate issues with students from aroudn the world. Check out our Instagram @ahsmunclub to learn more!

Mr. McCarthy

Friday - 3:10 to 4:10pm - Room 255

Moviegoers: At AHS Moviegoers, we screen movies voted for by the club or specially chosen by the club leaders. We hope to provide a relaxing, casual space for AHS students to come to each week to unwind. At the end of the year, we will vote on our favorite films we’ve watched.

Ms. Chachus

Mondays after school (3:00pm) - Room 255

Muslims Students Association: Muslim Students Association (MSA) is an organization devoted to strengthening the Muslim community through service, activism and technology, educating both Muslims and people of other faiths about the religion of Islam, and creating new Muslim leaders in science and technology by giving exposure to upcoming innovations.

Ms. Namvar

Friday - 3:00pm - Room 264

National Art Honors Society: AHS chapter of the National Art Honors Society. Come for portfolio reviews, monthly art projects, and other artsy fun! Great for college apps!


Tuesday - 3:00pm - Room 113

National Honor Society Club:  Students are selected for membership into the Andover High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.  Refer to the AHS Student Handbook for specific criteria.

Mr. Shea

meets monthly - time will be announced - Room - Library/Media Center

Neuroscience Club: The Neuroscience club is geared towards allowing students to explore careers in neuroscience, medicine, and STEM. We host a variety of guest speakers, from doctors to professors to college students to psychologists and more! Throughout the year, you can expect to see opportunities for community service, fundraising, and internships. Meetings are biweekly! Join our Google Classroom page for more info: 4zzoade

Ms. Wu

Every other Tuesday, online - 5:50-6:20pm - Online

Nothin’ But Treble and From Start to Finish:  Andover High’s audition-only show choir groups.  Students develop musicianship and proficiency in ensemble performance, study of appropriate literature, vocal techniques, sight singing, and choreography. Repertoire includes selections from popular music, jazz standards, and Broadway musicals. This group competes and works hard to make every performance entertaining for the audience. Show Choir has a heavy schedule of extracurricular performances throughout the year including competitions and festivals that are required

Mr. Desjardin & Mrs. Kennedy

Wednesdays 3:00 pm and Thursdays 4:00 pm/AHS Chorus Room

Parkinson Disease Club: We work to spread awareness and host fundraisers

Ms. Caveney

Tuesday, 3:00pm - Room 223

PetPals: to raise awareness of animals in need

Ms. Holm-Andersen

every other Tuesday from 3:00-3:30pm - Room 225

Photo Club: Photo club provides an opportunity for students to learn and explore photography in a supportive setting through a variety of fun, student-chosen projects over the course of the year.

Ms. Frisk

Thursday - 3:00pm  - Room 119

Physics Club: The Physics Club aims to help students struggling with physics, assist students preparing for physics competitions, and explore career opportunities presented by learning physics.  

Mr. Donovan

Wednesdays after school3:00pm  - Room 230

Pickleball Club: The Pickleball Club is a fun and relaxing club. We will play Pickleball on Tuesday and Thursday morning in the field house.

Mr. Puglisi

Tuesdays and Thursdays (mornings begore school) Field House

Quiz Team Club:  The Quiz Team Club is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity where members of the Team meet weekly for practice in preparation for tournaments and other competitions. The Team is open to all students at AHS. The questions that are asked will cover all academic disciplines as well as current events, sorts and pop culture. During practice sessions, students will play mock games where these type of questions will be asked in a variety of formats. A team(s) will be formed where the competing team members will enter in Quiz Bowl tournaments and attempt to qualify for the PBS (WGBH) "High School Quiz Bowl".

Mr. Hibino

Wednesday - 3:00pm  Room 353

Recycling Club:

Mrs. Gupte

Fridays after school - Room 217

Red Cross Club: Our club actively works with the Red Cross holding various blood drives and fundraisers to raise money for the organization. We also try to bring awareness of different topics through the use of our International Humanitarian Law Campaign.  

Ms. Percival

Monday - 2:55-3:30pm - Room 207

Robotics Club (ARC, Andover Robotics Club): The Andover Robotics Club (ARC) consists of three teams: Lightning, Thunder, and Hailstorm (an all girls team). Over the course of the year, members build and code robots to compete in the nationally recognized FIRST Tech Challenge. In addition, the club values community outreach and runs several projects that spread STEM to youth in Andover. Leadership and networking opportunities are also offered. There are no prerequisites and experience is not necessary.

Mrs. Reidy

Wednesday and Friday - 3:15-5:45pm -Engineering Room

Rocketry Club: Participate in the American Rocketry Challenge.

Mrs. Givens

Thursday - 3:00-4:00pm - Room 233

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions):  Is a club focused on helping educate our peers on good decision making skills along with educating the school on the dangers of substance abuse. 

Mr. Murnane

Once a month on Tuesdays right after school! (3:00pm) - Cafe

Salsa Club: A no-pressure, fun dance club where you’ll learn all there is to know about salsa dancing! We have a professional instructor come in and teach classes for free every week. Join for a fun way to destress, work out, or just dance!

Ms. Gonzales

Wednesday - 3:00pm - Room 313

Science Olympiad Club: We are the science Olympiad club, and we participate in science competitions throughout the year. We meet once every week

Mr. Sanborn

Wednesday  - Room 323

Science Team: A team of cooperative, science-loving people who participate in monthly trivia-like competitions with other schools in the North Shore Science League. Topics range from biology to astronomy to chemistry, with new events every month. No experience required.

Ms. Fisher

Second Tuesday of every month for Meets, Third Tuesday of every month for Signups - Room 321

Self Care Club *formally Self Love Club (changed name): The general idea of the club is we’ll do fun & sometimes relaxing activities as a way to take time for ourselves and give ourselves a break from our busy lives.    It’ll be different each week but some activities might include going on nature walks, doing gentle yoga, having a movie night (like the Girls for Girls Club use to do), or decorate mason jars and go around and put compliments in everyone else’s jar. Sometimes we could even bring in snacks and possibly hot chocolate in the winter and go around and talk about our day. A very relaxing club to get friendly with everyone, and take a nice, guilt free, pause/break in our week to take time for ourselves. One of the biggest steps in self care.


Wednesday - 3:00-4:00pm - Room 112

Social Activism Club: Social Activism Club works on discussing current events topics as students and providing education to the community as well as fundraising for topics important to students. 

Mr. Bledsoe

Tuesday - 3:00-3:30pm - Room 232

Spanish Club: This club will allow students to be in a culturally immersive environment while also further advancing their Spanish. They will be able to explore different cultural aspects each week while being given the opportunity to improve their language skills outside the class. There will be activities including: food tasting, watching Spanish movies, community service, fundraising, casual discussions, guest speakers, dancing, festival activities and games in Spanish. This club is inclusive to people that may not take Spanish as a class, but want to learn it.

Ms. Perez

Tuesday biweekly - 3:00pm - Room 303

Spanish Conversation Club: A club for practicing Spanish-speaking skills in a low-pressure environment. We chat about anything from TV shows to music to current events. The club also plays games such as pictionary, reads short stories and poetry, and hosts cooking events, all in Spanish. Spanish-learners of all levels are welcome!

Ms. Gonzalez

Tuesday 3:00pm - Room 313

Spoken Word Poetry Club:- Spoken Word Poetry Club welcomes all forms of poetry and allows AHS students to express themselves through writing. Not only that, but those poets and artists who want to perform their poems in or outside of school will be able to do so thanks to SWPC. Come create, perform, and network with other writers in your school community.  


Wednesday -3:00-3: 45pm -Library 

Strategy Game Club: A chance to meet new people, play a variety of table top games. Bring your favorite and teach the group, or just show up and play! 

Ms. Fortier

Wednesday 3:00pm - Library 

Student Government: Student Government is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to elevating student voice and driving impactful initiatives to better AHS. 

Ms. Costello

Wednesday - 3:00pm - Room 305

Students to Students Mentoring: is a program designed to ease the transition into the high school for freshmen and transfer students.  The program includes new students meeting weekly with upperclassmen and talking about school based issues, time management, curriculum, teacher expectations, club available, tutoring if necessary.  This will occur during H block next year.  The program is managed by a student board with Mrs. Levin, LICSW, as the coordinator of the program

Ms. Levin

Friday H5 Block period - Room - will be announced

Team Cure Club: Team Cure Club advocates for research for childhood cancer, as well as sends care packages to kids fighting childhood cancer.

Mr. Aubrey

Wednesdays after school (3:00pm)  every 1st and 3rd week of the month - Room 224

Tetris Club: We play modern tetris (TETR.IO, Jstris, etc.) and compete in tournaments. 

Mr. Felix

Monday - 3:15-5:00pm - Room 369

The Care Bears: We want to create care packages for those in need. This will include those in hospitals and those with family members who serve in the military. 


every other Tuesday - 3:00-4:00pm - Room 226

The Jungle: (student spirit group @ AHS sporting events)

Mr. Bledsoe

Listen for announcements

Triathlon Club: A group that gets together to prepare for triathlons (swim, bike, run). We practice once or twice a week and rotate through which discipline we practice!! Relays and Individuals are welcome!!

Mr. Jannetti 

Saturday - 5:00pm on google meets. See google classroom and instagram page for more information - Online

Ultimate Frisbee: We are a spring sport that meets after school everyday (sometimes Fridays off) and play ultimate frisbee! We will often hold spirit days and pasta dinners. We have wonderful coaches and play games against other high schools. We sometimes participate in really fun day tournaments on Saturdays. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join no experience is necessary and there are no cuts. Ultimate Frisbee is such a great experience if you are looking for a spring sport or a chance to have loads of fun! 

Mr. Brennan

Spring season, everyday - 3:00-5:00pm  - Locker rooms for practice prep

UNICEF: (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) strives to fight for children around the world through advocacy and fundraising. Our club supports the organization by hosting our annual Valentine's Day Rose Sale, duct-tape "Sticking Up for UNICEF" Fundraiser, Tap Water Project, and more. Come help us make a difference in the world! 

Mr. Hall

Thursday - 3:10pm - Room 311

Volleyball Club: A club that welcomes lovers of volleyball from all levels of experience.

Mr. Puglisi

In the Winter season, Thursday - 3:00-5:00pm -  Fieldhouse

Warrior (The): The Warrior is the AHS literary magazine, which is separate from the newspaper. You can write poems, write short stories, do art, do photography, or take a more classic journalist approach and write articles. We meet Tuesdays after school every week.

Rachel Gelinas, Erin Niles, Eric Pellerin

Tuesday - 3:00-3:30pm - Room 311

Warrior Way: is a student leadership - community service - mentoring program designed to promote positive values in students throughout the Andover Public School System. Created in the fall of 2009, the Warrior Way pairs Andover High School student athletes with elementary and middle school students and is intended to give all students a strong foundation with regard to character, teamwork, effort and sportsmanship. With visits to all of the elementary and middle schools throughout the year, the younger students in the community are exposed not only to the Warrior Way ideals but are also given the chance to interact with prominent student athletes at Andover High. Through this program we are hoping to develop both stronger leaders and better teammates/classmates – as well as forging a sense of unity and togetherness within the town.

Ms. Cashman & Ms. McNally

time and place will be announced

Web Design Club: If you are interested in learning web design and doing volunteering work, join the Web Design Club where we will create and design websites for local businesses and organizations around our community.

Mr Messina

Tuesday 3:00pm Room Library/Media Center

Women in STEM: Women in STEM aims to close the gender gap and promote female-identifying and nonbinary students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The club encourages acceptant communication between its members, while providing resources for students to learn about different STEM fields to gauge their interest, expand their understanding of STEM occupations, and help them pursue their career goals. Through unbounded exploration and support, Women in STEM hopes to promote the success of its members in STEM fields during their time at Andover High School as well as post-graduation.

Ms. Holm-Anderson

Every other Tuesday - 3:00pm - Room 225

Women’s Forum: A women’s group promoting female leadership, social justice, and equality.  

Mrs. Desfosse 

Thursday - 3:00pm - Room 328

Yearbook Club: Students will learn how to use advanced hardware and software technologies to develop the Andover High School Yearbook.

Mr. Aubrey

meets occasionally on H3-Block

Yoga and Wellness Club: If you need a quiet and peaceful place to destress, come to yoga club! We will be doing yoga exercises, breathing exercises, meditation activities, stress management, community outreach, and practicing mindfulness. 

Mrs. Emery

Monday 3:00 pm Room 264

YOLO (You Only Live Once) Club (THe): As we know, life is short and You Only Live Once, so students attempt weekly challenges which are one of a kind, teenage bucket list ideas created by the members themselves. We strive to get students to take risks, step out of their comfort zone, and connect with the community. Members can expect to make unforgettable memories in the YOLO Club that will be great stories to tell in years to come.

Mr. Murnane 

Tuesday - 3:00-3:15pm  - Room 117