Grade Three Literacy Instruction

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Literacy Component

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What It Looks Like In Our Classrooms

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phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness instruction occurs as needed in individual or small group lessons. Lessons include rhyming as well as isolating, segmenting, adding, deleting, substituting and blending sounds.

Phonological Awareness and Older Students


Phonics instruction occurs in both whole group and small group lessons. Multisensory instruction focuses on the construction, deconstruction and sorting of multisyllabic words.   

Phonics-  Help at Home


Fluency instruction also occurs in a variety of settings throughout the school day, including whole group and small group lessons. Instruction incorporates read alouds, readers theater, repeated readings, partner reading and independent reading. 

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Read Brightly


Vocabulary instruction is embedded throughout the school day, focusing on both oral and written language. Instruction involves the intentional use and teaching of increasingly complex language and content specific vocabulary.  

Third Grade Vocabulary Building


Text comprehension instruction occurs whenever students interact with text. Instruction involves repeated readings of high interest text grounded in a variety of genres, cultures and perspectives. In addition, instruction involves continuous teacher modeling, opportunities to partner read, participation in book clubs and independent reading. Teachers work with students to build comprehension within the text, beyond the text and about the text.

Parent Strategies for Improving Their Child’s Reading and Writing

written expression

Writing instruction at the upper elementary grades involves direct, systematic instruction in responding to text and writing across a variety of genres. As writing in response to text becomes more complex, writing instruction emphasizes the incorporation of evidence to support a claim.

Third grade writers begin to use evidence from their readings to add detail and support their writing.

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