PreK Literacy Instruction

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Literacy Component

What It Looks Like In Our Classrooms

Tips & Resources for Families

phonemic awareness

Phonemic Awareness instruction occurs in whole group and small group lessons. Instruction is typically associated with hand gestures, and movement. Lessons include rhyming as well as isolating, segmenting, adding, deleting, substituting and blending sounds.

Phonological Awareness Activities for Preschoolers


Phonics instruction occurs in both whole group and small group lessons. Instruction involves learning letter names, sounds and print formations through play, games and multisensory activities.

10 Ways to Help Your Child With Phonics


Fluency instruction occurs in a variety of settings throughout the school day, including whole group and small group lessons.  Instruction involves shared reading, music, poetry and rhymes.

Reading Rockets


Vocabulary instruction is embedded throughout the school day, with a focus on oral expression. Instruction involves intentional teaching of vocabulary words found in reading experiences such as read alouds. Picture cues are an important tool at this stage.

A Parents Guide to Vocabulary Activities


Comprehension instruction occurs whenever students listen to and talk about texts. Teachers use texts  grounded in a variety of genres, cultures and perspectives to build students’ background knowledge. Teachers model how to make connections to text and how to visualize stories as they unfold. 

Reading Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

written expression

Writing instruction flourishes through experimentation at the PreK level. Teachers design learning spaces to ensure opportunities for spontaneous writing experiences. Children are encouraged to dictate, as well as to use a variety of writing tools and materials to express their ideas.  This enables children to write as they play, such as taking orders at an imaginary restaurant or labeling the buildings built at the block center. 

How Do I Write?