2022-2023 Grade K-12 Bus Pass Information

Dear APS Families,

As we prepare for the opening of school in the fall, I want to share new information regarding bus passes. 

Starting with the 2022-2023 school year, bus passes will be paid on-line using e-funds. E-funds accepts check and credit card payments. Only cash payments will be accepted at the business office: the Business Office is no longer accepting checks. When making a cash payment, please call the office to make sure someone is here and available to accept your payment. A notification will be sent via email when bus pass registration and the on-line payment is open. This information will also be posted on the APS1.net website.

 Bus passes will be mailed during the week of August 15th to the physical address we have on file. All information with regard to the bus passes will also be posted on the district website.

Your student’s bus pass will include the AM & PM bus number, pick-up and drop off time and bus stop location. You will also find this information in ASPEN in the family portal. We have attached instructions on how to find these times in ASPEN. 

The cost of a bus pass is now $200.00 with a cap of $400.00 per family. A $50.00 late fee will be added if the payment is not made by the July 29th deadline. In an effort to provide efficient service, the E-funds link for transportation will close on Friday, August 12, 2022. This is to provide our transportation department and company with time to prepare for the start of the school year. Requests for registration following August 12, 2022 will be honored on a first-come first-serve basis and will not be assigned a bus before, Friday, September 9, 2022. To purchase a bus pass after the August 12th deadline, please visit the Business Office at 30 Whittier Court.

Students that qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program may have their bus fee waived upon presentation of necessary documentation. Please be reminded that you are required to submit a new application each school year. View the eligibility guidelines and how to apply here.  

Bus Pass Regulations

 The Andover School Committee has set the following guidelines. 

Students will be entitled to transportation to and from school at the expense of the public schools when such transportation conforms to applicable provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws. Reimbursement to the school system for transportation costs is given by the Commonwealth only for (a) students living at least one and one half miles from school, (b) students who live more than one mile from the nearest bus stop, and (c) students with special needs for whom transportation must be provided. 

Additionally, the Committee will provide transportation for students as follows: 

*Students in grades K - 6.  Students in grade K-6 will receive free transportation if the distance over the most direct public ways between a student´s residence and the school he/she is entitled to attend exceeds 1.5 miles. 

*Students in grade 6 are required to have a bus pass to present to the driver but there is NO FEE for the bus pass. Bus passes are not required for students in grade K-5.

Students in grades 7 – 12 

a. At its discretion, the School Department may furnish transportation to students in grades 7 - 12, if the distance over the most direct public ways between a student´s residence and the school he/she is entitled to attend exceeds 2.0 miles, provided, however, that the parent(s) or guardian(s) of such students SHALL pay a Transportation User Fee in an amount established annually, by the School Committee.

School bus stops will be at centralized locations. Students are not entitled to street-by-street or door–to-door pick-up and/or drop off. All routes and stops will be determined using these guidelines:

  • Bus capacity
  • Length of bus route
  • Distance that eligible student would be required to walk to a bus stop
  • Grade of student transported

Buses will not travel in cul-de-sacs, unless they need to change direction or travel on unapproved town roads. 

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure the safety of his/her student at the bus stop. Students are required to ride their assigned bus only from their assigned stops. 

Please have your student at the bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival time. Construction, detours, traffic, trains and inclement weather are a factor in arrival and departing times. Please allow 10 minutes after the scheduled arrival as well. Remember, drivers will be asking for bus passes during these first weeks, and it does require extra time. A student must be prepared to present a bus pass any time the driver requests to see it.



Cindy Button

Transportation Manager

30 Whittier Court

Andover, MA 01810