Dr. Parvey's Entry Plan for 2021-22 School Year

Dr. Parvey presented the Superintendent's Report of Findings to the community and School Committee on April 7, 2022. This report follows months of outreach and engagement with our students, staff and families on how APS can effectively serve the community and to advance academic excellence and educational equity for our students. The feedback and insights will become an integral part of the district's strategic plan. 

In June 2022, Dr. Parvey offered an executive summary of these findings to the APS community. The findings of this summary are a result of conversations, visits and surveys with students, APS families, staff, and the community. This report includes an analysis of historical data and information gathered since her arrival in July 2021.

This executive summary includes information from the DESE Comprehensive District Review report and serves as a supplement to the April 7, 2022 presentation of entry plan findings, and will provide data and information for creation of the district’s Strategic Plan.

Superintendent's Entry Plan- October 2022

Great schools are defined by great relationships with students, families, educators and the community we serve. To download the entire Entry Plan for 2021-22 School Year; click here.

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