COVID-19 Information for the 2021-22 School Year


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey C. Riley announced at-home COVID-19 testing options. 

Andover Public Schools is participating in DESE's At-Home testing program. DESE began delivery of test kits the weeks of January 24 for staff and January 31, 2022, for students. Kits are distributed at school buildings.  

Students and staff who participate will receive one kit every two weeks to test themselves – each kit contains 2 tests and each individual should test once per week. Individuals can choose which day they would like to administer their weekly test, based on needs or symptoms.

For additional information on DESE's At-Home Covid-19 testing program; click here.

Updated May 25, 2022

Masks  On Thursday, March 3rd, the School Committee voted to revise the mask policy (EBCFA) to lift the mask mandate in Andover Public School buildings and on school transportation. Effective Friday, March 4, 2022 at 5 p.m., masks in school buildings and on school transportation will be optional for students, staff, and visitors. 

Additional Health Protocols This school year, all families are required to acknowledge and agree to the COVID-19 attestation in the Back-to-School forms. When logged into your family ASPEN account, look for the “Family-Connection - Back to School Forms” link. We continue to ask staff and families to self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms, stay home if they are symptomatic, and contact their primary care physician or test as necessary. 

Students and staff who arrive at school and display COVID-19 symptoms may be sent home for further evaluation. COVID-19 testing may be recommended in some cases.
Learning Models The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released guidance on May 27, 2021 and updated information on July 30, 2021 noting that all Massachusetts districts and schools will be required to be in-person, full-time, five days a week for the 2021-22 school year. 

At this time, APS will not operate a hybrid or remote learning academy for 2021-22.

At the September 2, 2022 School Committee meeting, Dr. Parvey outlined educational support for students who are quarantined due to COVID-19. 
COVID-19 Test and Quarantine Information
APS continues to follow quarantine and isolation protocols as defined by DESE and DPH

APS continues to offer Symptomatic Testing, as provided by DESE.
This testing will be available at all schools to students and staff who develop symptoms while at school and will require permission from a parent/guardian for students. Staff will need to sign a consent form to test. Consent form for both students and staff can be found here.

Results will be available in 15 minutes. Any student who tests positive for COVID-19, or has symptoms that require further attention, will be dismissed as soon as possible and will not be permitted to travel on any school transportation.

APS also offers DESE At-Home testing. 
Since January 2022, Andover Public Schools participates in DESE's At-Home testing program. Kits will be distributed at school buildings. Use links at the top of this webpage to opt-in to this program. 

Lunch & Food Services
Social distancing of three (3) feet will be maintained at all elementary school cafeterias during lunch. Andover High School and middle schools can accommodate lunch periods outdoors, weather permitting.

Through a partnership with the USDA, APS will continue offering free meals for all families through June 2022. These meals will be available for all students at all grade levels and include one lunch and one breakfast per-student daily.

Families of pre-K to grade 5 students must pre-order at this link: in order to receive meals. Families of grade 6-12 students do not need to pre-order meals but are recommended to do so at the link above.

If your family qualifies for the free and reduced lunch program; we ask that you still complete the on-line application for this year. The application can be found at

Arts, Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities
In February 2022, the MIAA mask-wearing protocols ended. All athletics, performing arts, after-school, and other extracurricular activities are required to follow the district’s EBCFA-Face Coverings policy, when in effect. .

Vaccinations COVID-19 vaccination is highly encouraged for eligible individuals to reduce the risk of quarantine and illness. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health provides resources on where to get a vaccine here.

DESE has lifted its mandate regarding the influenza (flu) vaccine, however, we strongly encourage eligible individuals to vaccinate.

Town of Andover information Andover's Public Health Division is providing data each week to provide appropriate information to our residents and businesses. It is important to note that town data may be different from the district's data. Town of Andover COVID-19 updates can be located at this link. 
Department of Elementary and Secondary information DESE has created a 2021 Back to School webpage with resources for families.