Andover High School Classroom Guidelines

Classroom Guidelines

The following procedures will be implemented in each classroom and learning area during each period to ensure health safeguards. 

  • No food and drink will be allowed to be consumed in the building.  (Unless medically approved.) Lunch will take place in designated areas per the students schedules. Students will be allowed to drink water during mask breaks.
  • All students and staff will sanitize their hands on entering the classroom.
  • Hand sanitizer will be in each classroom near the door and the teacher and students will use hand sanitizer as they enter the classroom.
  • All students and staff will sanitize their desk space and space used before leaving the classroom.
  • Cleaning solution and paper towels will be in each classroom and each teacher and every student will wipe down their own desk and learning space before they leave the classroom.
  • Desks will be socially distanced in every classroom.
  • The teacher will have 6’ of teaching space in the front of the classroom. Student desks are socially distanced with a minimum number of desks needed for 50% capacity in each classroom. Classrooms that utilized tables for students seating have been replaced with individual desks.

Bathroom Passes

Teachers should do their best to limit students leaving the class during their class for safety. Students will only be allowed to go to the bathroom during each class period. Students will fill out a pre-signed/printed teacher pass at the front of the class. Students will follow the bathroom occupancy guidelines for each bathroom and wait outside if a bathroom is at full capacity.

Passes to other areas

Teachers should not allow students to leave the classroom other than for a bathroom break unless there is a medical situation in which case they should receive a paper pass to the nurse. Students with guidance/other appointments that are excused to leave the classroom should obtain a pass ahead of time from the staff member that is meeting with the student.


Per the DESE guidelines students will not be using lockers.   

Emergency Situations and Crisis Drills

In the case of a fire or safety emergency, teachers and students should follow regular emergency procedures and disregard one-way hallway directions for the duration of the emergency. Fire and safety drills will be conducted in cooperation with the Andover Fire Department and Andover Police Department to balance emergency safety and social distancing when possible.