Isolation Room Protocols

During the school day, if a student or staff member becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms, the student/staff member must be evaluated immediately. The classroom teacher will call the nurse to notify of an ill student/staff member. 

If a student or staff member arrives to school exhibiting COVID symptoms – they will be immediately taken to the isolation room and then discharged to home as soon as possible. 

  • When possible, the nurse should meet the student/staff in the hallway/outside the classroom and escort them to the isolation room. If the nurse is unable to meet the student, the student should be advised to go directly to the clinic.
  • The nurse will put on PPE, as necessary, before evaluating the individual and maintaining social distancing as much as possible.
  • The student will be asked to wear a mask, if not already wearing one.
  • If safe to do so, the nurse will accompany (may transport via wheelchair if necessary) the individual to the isolation room.
  • The individual will be triaged in the isolation room with the door closed at all times.
  • While ensuring safety, the nurse will attempt to minimize contact with the sick individual.
  • Following evaluation, the nurse will leave the room and remove PPE safely and perform hand hygiene immediately
  • Each time the nurse enters the isolation room, they will put on clean PPE, and remove the PPE upon exit from the room
  • The student’s emergency contact will be called to dismiss the student asap. The individual will remain in the isolation room until dismissed from the building
  • If the individual has minor symptoms and is stable, while ensuring safety is not compromised, the nurse may leave the room, but the student will continue to be monitored and re-evaluated frequently.
  • If the individual’s condition is deemed serious, 911 will be called. If calling 911 – the nurse must describe the individual’s symptoms and ensure emergency services have been notified of possible COVID-19 symptoms.
  • When possible, the student will be escorted out of the building by the nurse/or designee to their emergency contact, via the closest exit; minimizing transference of virus in the school building.

For any student who presents with COVID-19 symptoms, they must be evaluated by a physician; and written physician clearance will be required before returning to school, or written clearance from the Board of Health or state approved community tracing organization.

Once the student/staff has vacated the room, the nurse will put on PPE as necessary to wipe down surfaces using disinfectant wipes and the room will be ventilated if necessary and disinfected per CDC protocols. Note - rooms with direct exhaust to the outside do not need any additional ventilation.