Wellness Checks

The District will also ensure all parents complete registration, emergency and health information forms before children enter the school buildings. A daily symptoms monitoring checklist will be required for staff and parents to complete (for each child). Parents will be asked to complete a daily symptoms checklist and also enter into Aspen their child’s absence and symptoms. They will also have the choice of calling in this information.

Continued communication between health professionals in the community and the State will enable the district to make decisions for school closure, if necessary. Effective communication systems will be used to rapidly notify families of school closures. The District is prepared to comply with the guidance outlined in DESE’s guidance on Covid19 scenarios, the Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control Toolkit for Reopening Schools, and the CDC Readiness and Planning checklist tool.

COVID-19 Decision Tree


COVID-19 Symptoms

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Family Attestation

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