2019 AHS Traffic Plan Update

The Andover High School driveway and parking lots debuted new traffic patterns for the 2019-20 school year. In collaboration with Andover Public Safety and Andover Department of Facilities, AHS’s goal of these changes is to improve safety for all as our students make their way to and from school. Please follow the guidance of our public safety officers and crossing guards as you navigate through the high school campus. Signs will be posted to direct all traffic. 

Major traffic changes beginning 2019-20 will be: 

  1. Bus traffic only will leave through the Shawsheen Road exit during drop off and pick up hours. All other vehicles will exit to the east of West Middle School or via Moraine Street. 

  1. The creation of a bypass lane past the senior parking lot (LOT C) will separate traffic not remaining on campus from students parking on campus.

  1. The senior parking lot (by the tennis courts) is now first come/ first serve parking for students holding a LOT C parking pass only. There are reserved spaces for faculty in that lot, please be respectful of all signs. 

  1. Flow of traffic in the field house faculty parking lot will reverse from previous years. 

  1. The creation of angled parking in the senior parking lot.

  2. Drivers who need to access either senior lot (LOT C) or the Collins Center parking lot will need to enter the high school through the Shawsheen Road entrance. 

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AHS Parking 2019-20