English Language Arts, Grades K-5

K-5 Literacy Curriculum

The Andover Public Schools elementary literacy curriculum is aligned with the 2017 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for English Language Arts and Literacy: http://www.doe.mass.edu/frameworks/ela/2017-06.pdf

A Balanced Literacy Approach is best for teaching children how to read and write. Our goal is for students to receive high quality instruction in a variety of contexts to help them develop a lifelong love of reading and writing.  Components of balanced literacy include whole group experiences, such as shared reading and interactive read aloud; small group experiences, such as guided reading, and independent reading. The same instructional contexts apply to writing. Reading and Writing Workshop drive the literacy block and ensures that students are receiving instruction tailored to meet their individual needs.

While the primary focus of Reading and Writing Workshop is to help children make meaning, there is an equally strong emphasis to support young readers and writers with using a phonics-based approach for learning how to read.  Kindergarten uses Phonemic Awareness in Young Children by Marilyn Adams as the basis for their classroom curriculum with manipulating sounds.  For grades K-3, Wilson Fundations, a systematic, multisensory, language-based phonics and spelling approach uses explicit decoding and encoding strategies, which students transfer into their reading and writing. 

Children Reading