Getting Ready for Grade 8

Welcome to 8th grade!

Your new math teachers are very excited to meet you this September!

To help you stay strong with your grade 7 math skills, we’ve put together a list of optional summer practice work. Anything from 5 minutes per day to 30 minutes per week is helpful in keeping you current with the math you learned in school this year.

This skills practice is a mix of worksheets that you can print at home or online skills practice using iXL using your current iXL account username and password.  Work completed in your current iXL account will be visible to your teacher this fall.

Before you get started, here are some helpful hints to keep you organized for your optional summer work:

  1. It’s always a great idea to keep your work in one location. So get a binder or a spiral bound notebook where you can write your work. Looking back on your problem solving later might be helpful to you. Even if you use iXL, sometimes you write things down to solve problems. If you have a lot of trouble in any specific area, your teacher can look at your work later to see where you might have made mistakes.  
  2. Do your work in pencil so that you can erase if necessary.
  3. Try doing the work without a calculator if you can. Practicing your math facts while you are problem solving will help you to build your skills.
  4. Don’t get frustrated. If you are stuck, just move on to the next problem. Maybe if you take a break, you’ll have a brainstorm :) And if you don’t, it’s ok. Your teacher will be happy to help you in the fall. Write down your questions so you remember to ask them later!
  5. Have fun! This work is not intended to be stressful for you. It’s just summer exercise for your math-brain.

The important things we want you to focus on are:

Expression: simplifying, combining like terms

Expanding expressions: the distributive property

Factoring Expressions

Solving Equations

Graphing Practice

You can access the practice materials by clicking the links (or copying them to your browser). You will NOT need to submit work to your teacher, but you should definitely put it into your binder (or do it in your spiral bound notebook).  Each playlist focuses on a different set of practice skills. You may skip around, mix and match, combine printed work with iXL skills or Khan Academy. Have fun with the work!

 If you have any questions please contact Ms. Richard at

Thank you!

Getting ready for Grade 8 Playlist

Focus Area

Here are the links you need:

iXL links to online skills practice

Reference material / Notes

Combining Like Terms

Combining Like terms notes, worksheets, and activities


Answer Key


Add and Subtract Like Terms

Here are some helpful links:


The Distributive Property

The Distributive Property Skills Practice


Answer Key


Multiply using the Distributive Property

If you need a reminder, Recall the Distributive Property


And here’s more info for the Distributive Property with Negative numbers

Evaluating Variable Expressions

Evaluating Expressions with solutions


Answer Key


Evaluating variable expressions


Expanding Expressions

extra practice in expanding expressions



Answer Key



Expanding expressions



More expanding with the Distributive Property and Negative numbers


Factoring Expressions

Factoring Expressions


Answer Key


Factors of linear expression

If you need a reminder, Recall Factoring

Solving Equations

Solving Equations


Answer Key


Solving two-step equations



Solving equations involving like terms


Graphing on the Coordinate Plane



Answer Key


Graphing points on the coordinate plane



Coordinate plane review

 Pages from the Math in Focus book to as Coordinate Plane reminder


Re-teaching reminder if you want more practice with graphing


Answer Key to Re-teaching

Equations Challenge




Multi-step equations with variables on both sides


Answer key


Solve multistep equations

Don’t worry if you can’t get #3 or #14.

We will learn about these types of equations in 8th grade.