Andover High School Facility Study Committee


In December 2017, the Andover School Committee voted to submit a Statement of Interest to the MSBA to build a new West Elementary school; and to address the overcrowding, aging building systems, and limitations in programming capabilities at Andover High School without MSBA support. In order to advance the high school project, the School Committee also voted to convene a committee to develop a proposed solution that will meet the needs of the high school and community.

Andover High School


The mission of the High School Facilities Study Committee is to review the facility needs at Andover High School and recommend potential renovations to update building systems, relieve overcrowding, and improve instructional program capabilities.


Phase One: March - June, 2017

• Review prior facility and enrollment studies completed by DRA and MGT of America

• Identify a set of improvements that can potentially address the need areas of updating building systems, relieving overcrowding and improving instructional program capabilities

• Prepare a Request For Proposals (RFP) for a feasibility study to develop architectural design options and cost estimates for these improvements.

Phase Two: July - December, 2017

• Work with the selected architectural firm on the feasibility stud; review design options and cost estimates

• Recommend to the School Committee a design solution for a renovation and addition that can best address the facility and enrollment needs within reasonable budget constraints

Phase Three: January - May 2018

• Provide information and support to community decision-makers and stakeholders about the proposed high school renovation/addition in preparation for the 2018 Town Meeting and a possible debt-exclusion vote by the community.