Science and Engineering Fair Frequently Asked Questions

1) For a team project, do we register for the fair once for the team or does every team member register separately?
Teams complete the fair registration form only once - there are spaces for the names of all team members 

2) If I want to do a team project, do I have to work with someone in my own middle school?
No - you are welcome to work with students from other middle schools.

3)  Can I still enter the science fair as a member of a team even if I can't be there?
If you are entered in the Competition Division, you must be present (whether working alone or on a team) at the science fair - judges need to be able to ask questions of all members of a competing team. However, if you are a member of a team in the Exhibition Division, you can be absent from the fair as long as at least one member of the team is present to receive feedback from reviewers.

4) How much does it cost to enter the fair?
There is no entry fee for the fair.  There may be costs associated with the project such as notebooks, presentation boards, and materials for the investigation or project prototype.

5) How many projects will be selected to move on to the Region IV Middle School Science Fair?
That will depend in part on the total number of projects that are entered into the APS fair, but usually 10 to15 qualify to move forward to the regional state science and engineering fair.

6) Once I sign up for the APS science and engineering fair, can I start my investigation right away?
If you are in the competition division, you must have your research plan approved by the Region IV Safety Review Committee before you begin work on your data collection.  This involves the completion of Forms 1A and 1B (available on the Forms Page) which are sent to the Regional Safety Review Committee for approval before you start your experiment. Failure to do this step will likely cause your project to be disqualified from entering the middle school regional fair.