Grade 5

FOSS modules used in fifth grade:


Earth and Sun Module

focuses on Earth and the Sun as a system. Students collect and analyze shadow data. They observe the changes in the Moon's appearance over time. Then students explore the properties of the atmosphere, energy transfer from the Sun to Earth, and water cycling in Earth's atmosphere.

Chemistry is the study of the structure of matter and the changes or transformations that take place within those structures. The

Mixtures and Solutions Module

introduces students to the properties, behaviors, and changes in substances—fundamental ideas in chemistry. Students also develop models to explain how something works.


Living Systems Module

takes a look at life at every level of organization—from biosphere to individual organisms—to acknowledge that it is complex, involving multiple parts working together in systems to maintain the viability and vigor of the system. Understanding living systems—ecosystems, populations, and individual organisms—is a critically important perspective, leading toward an appreciation of the diversity and wonder of life on Earth.