Grade 4

FOSS modules used in fourth grade:


Soils, Rocks, and Landforms Module

addresses the field geology, the study of our planet's earth materials and natural resources. The unit provides students with firsthand experiences with soils, rocks, and minerals, and modeling experiences to study changes to rocks and landforms at Earth's surface. 

​ In the

Energy Module

, students explore the concepts of energy and change, waves, and energy transfer . They experience electricity and magnetism as related effects and learn useful applications of electromagnetism in everyday life. They also consider energy transfer, force, and motion in different systems. 

​During the

Environments Module

, students build an understanding of the relationships between organisms and their environments through the study of different ecosystems. Students investigations focuses on the concepts that organisms need energy and matter to live and grow, and that living organisms depend on one another and on their environment for their survival and the survival of populations.