High School

The mission of the Andover High School Science Department is to prepare all students to constructively participate in a modern society in which science and technology influence nearly every aspect of their lives. We offer a program that strives to develop scientifically literate citizens who possess an understanding of the nature of science and who have the knowledge base necessary to critically analyze scientific claims and assertions. By experiencing a relevant and rigorous science curriculum, Andover High students will be well positioned to pursue advanced studies in science and technology and seek careers in scientific and technological fields.

Andover High students are required to successfully complete three credits of science courses to qualify for a diploma. All 9th grade students are enrolled in Physical Science and sit for the Introductory Physics MCAS exam in June of their freshman year. Biology is studied by 10th grade students followed by Chemistry, Physics, and other electives. Once this basic foundation of science study is completed, students are offered a rich variety of elective and Advanced Placement courses from which to choose. Laboratory investigations and knowledge of lab safety practices are critical components of Andover High science courses. Participation in directed and inquiry-based scientific investigations requires students to think critically and problem-solve creatively, to work collaboratively with peers, and to communicate effectively.