Elementary Science

FOSS (Full Option Science Systems)

Elementary science education in Andover Public Schools is centered on our teacher’s use of FOSS (Full Option Science System) Next Generation Science Modules in all grades, kindergarten through fifth grade.  Each year, teachers teach and students learn from resources presented in three different FOSS modules addressing ideas from different science sub-disciplines -  earth science, life science, and physical science.  The FOSS Next Generation program is closely aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards as is the 2016 revision of the Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering standards for grades K-5.  

FOSS is as much a philosophy as it is a program with a primary focus on engaging students in science through active learning.  Every FOSS investigation follows a similar design to provide multiple exposures to science concepts. The design includes these components:

  • Active investigation, including outdoor experiences
  • Recording in science notebooks to answer the focus question
  • Reading in FOSS Science Resources
  • Assessment to monitor progress and motivate student reflection on learning