West Middle School

Values, Beliefs, and Focus

West Middle School holds the middle school concept close to its heart. Our values, beliefs, and focus are directly tied to the Carnegie Report, "Turning Points 2000," and the Andover Public Schools’ District Goals. Teachers work in teams coordinating curriculum to provide student centered lessons that engage students more deeply and thoughtfully seeking to make connections between students’ lives and the subject matter.

Students, teachers, administrators, and other professional staff are empowered to make decisions in a supportive atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance.

Active Learning

At West Middle we encourage active learning by students and adults. Teachers are mentors and models for students, inspiring lifelong learning. The intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and moral development of 10 to 14-year- olds is the focus of our school's activities. West Middle School balances high expectations and self-esteem, inclusion and individual learning styles and abilities; with the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of all members of the school community.

We work so that students will emerge as responsible members of a community who treat other people, our environment, and themselves with respect and dignity.