Students with Disabilities Spending

Andover (dark blue line) spends significantly more on SPED as a proportion of its total budget than the state average (orange line) and this proportion is tending to grow over time (r2=.6375). Andover spending on SWD is increasing more slowly relative to the state average and six of its comparable districts, with the exception of North Andover, Wellesley, Westwood and Winchester. When arranged by median SPED proportion of the total budget (2006-2015), indicated by the intersection of the second (green) and third (purple) quartiles, Andover is the highest, and significantly higher than all but two (Holliston and Wellesley) of its comparable districts, in SPED spending as a proportion of the total budget (p<=.05). In 2015, Andover was fourth in spending among comparable districts, with Chelmsford, Holliston, and North Andover spending a higher percentage of their budget on SPED.

SWD Spending by District


SWD Spending Box & Whisker Plot


SWD Spending Chart