Selectivity of Colleges Attended by Matriculated Students

Updated September 2020

The College Board categorizes each American college into five categories: Open admissions (all or almost all admitted), less selective (>75% admitted), somewhat selective (50-75% admitted), very selective (25-50% admitted) and most selective (<25% admitted). Each year the AHS Guidance Department tracks the colleges and universities our graduates attend. A number of students each year attend college outside of the US; for those colleges, selectivity is categorized as per the College Board guidelines. Below are two charts of the degree of selectivity of those colleges and universities for the past ten years.


The upper graph shows that over two-thirds of Andover students who enroll in college attend a somewhat, very or most selective college (as defined by the College Board; blue line). Breaking down the students attending selective colleges (lower graph), more students typically attend somewhat (light blue) as compared to students attending very and most (dark blue) selective colleges over the past ten years (2011-2020).

college selectivity selective not selective 2020
college selectivity very and most 2020