Goals of the Grant

Our Purpose

  1. Identify. Andover High School has been identified as the town’s biggest energy user. By implementing new and greener technologies, we can save a lot of money, energy, and inspire our future leaders within the school.
  2. Build efficiencies. The new strategies and technologies are much more efficient, meaning that they use less energy or water and are greener, but work better and at a lower cost than before. For example, the new LED Luminaires are just as bright as the previous lights, but they require much less energy and money. All the projects are simple fixes that make a huge difference.
  3. Set standards. If a school as big as Andover High School can change for the better and save money, it proves that any equal, or bigger, schools or businesses can do the same. We hope to spark an inspiration in the townspeople people and business owners to show them that it's possible to save energy and money town-wide in Andover.