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Tier Focused Monitoring Group Report - May 2019
Coordinated Program Review (CPR) Mid-Cycle Review April 2017
Final Report DESE Letter on Special Education and Civil Rights 10-14-2014
Final Report Coordinated Program Review (CPR) on Special Education and Civil Rights 10-14-2014
Coordinated Program Review (CPR) Corrective Action Plan on Special Education and Civil Rights 2014

Dear Parents,

Please find attached the results of the DESE parent survey that was distributed in the spring of 2016. This survey is part of DESE’s data collection for the Federal indicators for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and is distributed every four years. Andover had a good response rate at 25%. Please note that while our results were below the state targets, much work has been done since 2016. We have worked hard to bring in new interventions and assessments to track student progress. We have begun to work with new technologies and other supports to make our classrooms more accessible to all learners. We have started a restructuring of not only our programs for students with language-based learning disabilities but also for students with social-emotional challenges. We have also initiated a workshop series for parents, small parent work groups, and outreach efforts to experts, community resources, and state and national advocacy groups for students. Our teams of educators and specialists have responded to these changes with enthusiasm and professionalism. My first nine months in Andover has been busy and rewarding, but we have much work yet to do! You will notice that the survey questions are very broad, so please let us know about focus areas that are important to you.

Sara Stetson and Nancy Koch
Parent Engagement Survey from 2015-2016 School Year 5-2017

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