Doherty Middle School

Doherty Middle School

About Our School

Doherty Middle School is a schoolhouse comprised of students, staff, and administrators who hold academic excellence in student achievement in highest esteem as our primary goal. It is an oasis of growth and learning comprised of approximately 560 middle school students and 90 faculty and support staff members in the beautiful community of Andover.

We believe in having high academic and social standards while enabling every child to feel they are an important part of our Doherty community as we educate one mind at a time.


Historically, our students perform very well on Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests. More importantly, however, they thrive as social beings in these sometimes tumultuous middle school years largely due to an emphasis on academic discovery and orchestrated supports. These supports include:
  • A heavily enrolled extracurricular program
  • Incomparable counselors
  • Enrichment opportunities of interest within our strong academic curriculum


We have been a fully-teamed middle school for more than 18 years whereby students are carefully placed on teams, rather like being part of a large family. Each team has a core made up of academic subject teachers and a special needs teacher who act as the leaders and mentors of that family.  These teachers meet daily to discuss students' needs and to plan for future learning experiences. They take ownership of their students’ academic and emotional experiences here by triaging with administration and parents when warranted. Doherty parents generally take a very active role in their child’s education and in support of our school.