School Employee Policies

School Employees: As an employee of the Andover Public Schools, it is your responsibility to review the following policies listed below on an annual basis. If there is any information you do not understand, you should contact either, Tom Howard, Executive Director of Human Resources, or your building principal for an explanation.  All employees will have until October 31st to review this information and electronically submit the Employee Policy Acknowledgement Form


Copy of Policy


APS Mandated Training 



Employee Handbook


Allergies, Epi-Pen & OSHA Training



Educator Ethics

Educator Ethics - Copy


Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Acceptable Use Policy


Anti-Fraud Policy 


Anti-Hazing Policy & Duty to Report 


CHRI (Fingerprint-Based) Check 


Conflict of Interest Law 

Annually and Every 2 Years 

Drug Free Workplace - School 


Military Service Policy 


Tobacco Use in the Workplace


***  New School Employees are required to review the policies in the first 15 days of employment. 

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