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Physical Education
Brian McNally
Program Advisor

Andover High School
80 Shawsheen Rd.
Andover, MA  01810

Ph: (978) 247-5508
Fax: (978) 623-8672

    Andover High School seeks to create an environment in which every student has the opportunity to use his or her mind well to become personally responsible for his or her academic, social, and civic growth and PHYSICAL WELL BEING!  In support of this mission, our award winning physical education department’s curriculum is designed to facilitate the development and maintenance of fitness as well as to promote honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship in a variety of cooperative and competitive situations.


            Successful completion of Physical Education is a requirement each of the four years of high school.  We offer both required courses and electives as follows:


Project Challenge is a required course designed to promote cooperation, communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills.  Students will learn that the success of a group depends on the active participation of all of its members and that a cooperative, supporting atmosphere encourages participation. The curriculum also gives ALL students various opportunities to practice positive leadership skills.  Classmates develop feelings of mutual acceptance, trust and respect for each other – as well as an increase in self confidence – as they experience the fear, anxiety, joy, exhilaration and satisfaction of working together toward a common goal.  This course is designed for our freshman!


Personal Fitness/Activity Fitness are courses taken by sophomores to meet their fitness requirement.  “Personal” Fitness meets in a traditional fitness room environment (with cardiovascular equipment, Nautilus machines and free weights) and “Activity” Fitness addresses the same fitness concepts – but in a game/activity setting.  These courses are designed to emphasize the importance of fitness and exercise to good health.  The goal is for students to develop an understanding of the lifelong implications of participation in physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.  Sophomores may select either Personal Fitness or Fitness Activities to satisfy their fitness requirement.


The following courses are elective choices for juniors and seniors.  Please note that students MAY repeat a course and still receive full credit (each class is a “unique” experience determined by the teacher, the classmates, and selection of activities. We want all AHS students to participate in a class that will best meet their interests, level of competition and personal fitness needs)


Team Games/Competitive Team Games are elective options for students who enjoy participating in traditional team sports (touch football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, speedball, pickleball, basketball, matball, floor hockey, etc).  In both “Team” Games and “Competitive” Team Games the curriculum is designed to help students develop positive self-esteem with regard to their physical skills – and knowledge of the rules/strategies of games so that our graduates will choose to remain physically active beyond graduation.  A great deal of emphasis is placed upon demonstrating good sportsmanship and character qualities, becoming a knowledgeable spectator, practicing appropriate behaviors for co-ed physical activities  and developing the skills necessary to participate in both competitive and/or recreational activities. 


Team Games and Competitive Team Games traditionally offer the same game choices – but at different competitive levels.  The choice of “competitive” or “regular” team games is up to the individual student.


Lifelong Activities is also an elective choice made by juniors and seniors for those students interested in participating in less competitive activities that have tremendous value as lifelong pursuits.  Typical activity choices include traditional favorites such as archery, golf, tennis, pickleball and badminton – as well as some of our non-traditional favorites which would include bocce, Frisbee golf, beach volleyball, Omniken volleyball, walking for fitness, ring fling, horseshoes and speedminton.


Adventure Leadership is an elective class choice made by juniors and seniors who are interested in an extension of the learning experience they had in their freshman Project Challenge Class.  Students in this course will participate in more advanced climbs, and learn how to facilitate problem solving initiatives, how to belay and back up belay climbers on the Ropes Course, as well as how to lead various freshman Project Challenge activites/games.  This class requires the recommendation (and signature) of the student’s freshman Project Challenge instructor.

Yoga for the Mind and Body is an elective choice for juniors and seniors who wish to pursue this  form of physical fitness and stress relief.  East meets west in this course that combines the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Students will learn yoga philosophy and unlock the mind/body connection through the exploration of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.  Classes will include the teaching of yoga theory, the practice of asana (physical postures) and savasana (final relaxation).

Personal Fitness II is an elective choice for junior and seniors who enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to work out in the school’s fitness center.  Under the direction of the teacher, students will design their own work-out routine using a combination of cardio-vascular machines and strength training equipment.  Students, as well as their teachers, will be able to track their work-out progress using the Fitlinxx system.  Students selecting this course should be very self-motivated to want to complete their work-outs during each class session.  

 Physical activity lasts only a moment – but physical education lasts a lifetime! 

Andover Public Schools
36R Bartlet St.
Andover, MA  01810
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