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Health Education
Welcome to the Health Education Department

Health for the Mind and Body – Grade 9

The course content is composed of three units: Addictive Behaviors, Emotional and Mental Health and Human Sexuality (including male and female reproductive anatomy, choosing abstinence, setting limits in relationships, teen pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), sexual orientation and harassment/violence prevention). The class is interactive and involves the opportunity to process and discuss health topics with the aid of videos, speakers, and current literature.

Seminars in Health – Grade 11

This course is designed to examine major health issues young adults have faced or will face in their lifetime. The program’s goal is to foster resilience by enhancing health literacy, healthy self-management and health promotion and advocacy. The curriculum is composed of five major content areas: Disease Promotion and Prevention, Avoiding Risks from Harmful Habits, Facing Life’s Challenges and Building Resiliency, Emergency Preparedness, and Sexuality and Healthy Relationships (including reproductive anatomy, choosing abstinence, contraception, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), sexual orientation and harassment/sexual violence prevention and bullying). Emphasis is placed on responsible decision-making skills, which accompany factual information and student group analysis of health issues. Each unit is complemented by presentations from community resource speakers providing additional information and perspective on the topic area.

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