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Go Green Committee

Go Green Committee sponsors a school-wide "Walk About School" Day 

on Monday, June 15th – This activity will replace the Walk to School Day that was cancelled earlier this spring due to weather conditions. Students will walk by grade level around the school and back fields to promote the value of walking for health and for the environment. Permission slips are not necessary as students will participate during the school day (2:00-2:30pm). Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.

Go Mr. Fred
The Go Green Committee wanted to say thank you to Mr. Fred for coming in and talking about ways our school goes green! He told us how much waste we create from lunch, how many styrofoam lunch trays we use in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year. He also talked about the light bulbs we use throughout the school. Mr. Fred said that if we stack our trays in the school cafeteria, it will greatly reduce the amount of trash bags we use.

Successful Skits

Recently, the Go Green Committee and a Junior Girl Scout troop put on skits for the whole school. Not only did the students perform the skits, they also wrote and directed them. There were 3 skits: one talked about packing a waste free lunch, another talked about recycling your water bottles properly, and the last one talked about packing a healthier lunch. The skits were a success! The audience received our message about going green and packing a better lunch!

Please join us as we continue to educate our community about ways to “GO Green.” A special emphasis will be placed on reducing waste the first week in March. Students from the GO Green Committee will join members from a Junior Girl Scout Troop to share their knowledge with other students at South by performing skits for each grade level during the first week in March. Read below to be “in the know” about ways your family can participate in our Waste Free Lunch Week (March 2-6).

How to Celebrate in a Green Way
 We've all decided to Go Green this year. And we are asking you to Go Green too! Instead of using wrapping paper to wrap gifts, use the comic section of a newspaper you get. You can also use paper bags to wrap the gift up nicely by cutting it to fit your gift. This will only wrap small items unless you use multiple bags. Instead of wasting trees, make your own gifts from household items that you have already own. You can use plain wrapping paper and color it with markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc. to make your own design, and it will also count as a lovely addition to the gift. 

Here are some ideas....

  1. Use shredded paper for packaging.

  2. Use wrapping paper to make tags for presents.

  3. Make fabric gift bags.

  4. Make recycled gift tags from recycled cards.

  5. You can decorate recyclables with glitter, tin foil, paper, or other decorative things.

  6. Use cards to make postcards.

  7. Make bird feeder from milk cartons.

  8. Nature decorations-use pine cones and other outside findings.

  9. Origami things from recycled paper.

  10. Make coupon booklets as gifts.

  11.  Make cardboard picture frames

  12. Pine cones can be used as place card holders at the table.

  13. Use toilet paper tubes and towels tubes to make decorations or musical instruments.

  14. Paint old CD or the clear ones they use to package and make ornaments.

  15. Take old soda bottles and paint or decorate them to give as presents.

  16. Use silverware instead of plastic utensils.

  17. E-Mail holiday greetings instead of sending out cards to save paper/postage.

  18. Make your own wrapping paper out of newspaper, comics/sports sections or decorate used paper on the opposite side.

  19. Find twigs and holly berries from outside to decorate your home.

  20. Use reusable fabric tablecloths or wash and reuse plastic ones.

  21. Use your own plates and cups rather than buying plastic or styrofoam ones.

  22. Write your name on your cup to reuse it during the party instead of taking new cups each time you get thirsty.

  23. Make wreaths out of paper for decorating.


The Go Green Team students at South School participated in the town-wide anti-idling campaign at one of our meetings and had a fun time creating unique signs to help advertise anti-idling to the community. To help South School promote its new idle-free sign, committee members have three different dates to help make this activity successful

If you have cleats that you're not using, don't throw them away - donate them to Kleats 4 Kids is an organization that collects any kind of cleat for the Boys and Girls Club. There is a collection box in the main lobby for you to drop off your cleats.

                                     If you want to learn more about Kleats 4 Kids, visit Kleats4Kids

If you want to send in your used ink cartridges, the Go Green Team will bring the cartridges to Staples and receive money for South School to buy new equipment, supplies, or furniture. Please note that Staples only gives South School credit for HP, Dell, Lexmark, and Kodak so only send those brands in, please. There is a collection box in the main lobby. Remember, the more ink you put into the box, the more equipment our school gets!

The Green Committee also participated in a town wide essay contest during the early months of school.  Winning Essay

Created by student webmasters: Dayna, Elizabeth, Alison, and Keara!

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