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Private School Information

October, 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians,

 Several of you have questions about the private school process.  All three middle schools have worked with central office to come up with a process.  In the past, Andover middle school guidance counselors or principals helped organize many aspects of the process.  Due to structural changes Andover’s middle schools no longer provide individualized student recommendations from the main office. English and Math teachers will still be able to provide recommendations as has been done in the past.

The three middle schools have written a “Middle School Profile” and a letter which will be mailed to the private school admission office that explains the reason why the Guidance and Administrative offices will not be providing individual recommendations.

Please complete and submit the following forms which will guide your student through the process.

All forms can also be found on the West Middle School website.

Attached are all the forms required along with a checklist to help keep track of all the various items you need to submit.  Please return the checklist to the Main Office with your completed forms.  If any of the items are missing, the entire packet will be returned to the student for completion.

Checklist link:  ( )

Deadline for all documentation is November 23rd, 2016.


What West Middle School will do:

1.   When grades close in December we will print and mail an official transcript to each private school.

Included in this packet will be the “Andover Middle School Profilealong with a letter that gives an overview of the Andover middle school curriculum and grading criteria.

Please note: The Main Office cannot submit the transcripts online.  All transcripts will be mailed.


2.   Teachers will write and submit recommendations with proper documentation submitted by the studentsCompleted recommendations are sent directly to the schools.
Students must follow the instructions on the "ALL ABOUT ME" Form.


 What the student and parent will do:

Each of the documants listed below needs to be printed out and completed.  All documents can be found on the West Middle

School website under the For Parents Tab” “Private School Information”  at:
Please DO NOT submit anything until ALL the forms are completed.

1  “P ri vat e  Schools  I  Am  Applyi ng  To”  - Return form to the Main Office.

Please list all private schools to which the student is applying, and submit along with a stamped, addressed envelope for each school.

You are responsible for contacting each school to know their deadline for applications.

Form Link:  (

2.   Transcript Release– *Parent signature is required.

Return the form to the Main Office with the $5 transcript fee for  each school.

Cash or Checks made payable to:  West Middle School (fees can be combined onto one check)

Form Link: (



All About Me

– Please have your child fill this form out and give directly to the Teachers. This will help teachers write the recommendation.

The All About Me” form lists the instructions that your child needs to follow in order to request a recommendation from his or her teachers.  Please make sure you read through all of the steps on the “All About Meform with your child and make sure he or she understands what each step means. Students need to submit a copy of a completed “All About Meform to each teacher as part of the recommendation process.

Form Link:  (

The deadline for requesting a recommendation from a teacher is  November 23, 2016.


  •     For schools that require recommendations be submitted digitally, students must initiate the recommendation request through Gateway or the individual school. Teachers will only be able to complete the recommendation once they have received an email invitation from Gateway.

  •     For schools that require paper recommendations, please provide a copy of the recommendation form along with a stamped ( at least 4 stamps) envelope (9 x11) addressed to the school. The return address should list West Middle School.

If you do not follow either of these steps, teachers will not be able to write your recommendation.

4.  School Application Forms The application forms from the schools to which your student is applying must be mailed directly to the school by the student.


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Jennifer Insogna at or call 978-247-5400. If you have questions about the teacher recommendation process, please contact your childs teacher.

  Thank you,

  Becky Franks


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