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Andover High School Core Values and Beliefs and Learning Expectations Statement
Core Values and Beliefs and Learning Expectations

Andover High School is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and equitable learning environment where students and staff alike lead by example, demonstrating collaboration, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, and real world application of skills. We believe that promoting physical fitness, extracurricular activities, and student-led initiatives cultivates active minds and fosters school pride. We believe strongly in a challenging and diverse curriculum that encourages the creativity, innovation and risk-taking necessary to succeed in a global community. 

Academic Expectations for Student Learning

Students at AHS are expected to...

1)      listen and read actively to comprehend, interpret, and analyze meaning.

2)      write and speak effectively with clarity and purpose.

3)      think critically and creatively to evaluate and solve problems.

4)      research, examine, and synthesize information.

5)      demonstrate real world applications of knowledge and skill.

6)      utilize technology and media to enhance the learning process.

Social Expectations For Students Learning

Students as AHS are expected to...

7)     act with respect, integrity, and compassion.

8)     make informed decisions regarding the health and well-being of themselves and others.

9)      demonstrate responsibility for their actions.

Civic Expectations for Student Learning

Students at AHS are expected to...

10)  cultivate their awareness of contributing to the common good.

11)  advocate for positive change through active participation in the democratic process.

12)  broaden their knowledge of and respect for world cultures.

Andover Public Schools
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