Help Your Child Learn English

Learning a new language is an exciting and challenging task. Parents can play an important role in helping their child learn English. Use the following tips to help your child learn English:
  • Meet with your child's teachers. Tell them about your child's previous schooling experience. Does your child read and write in their first language? What subjects are challenging for them? Do you have any questions about your child's school experience? What are your expectations regarding your child's English language development? What does your child like to read? What motivates your child? What is your child good at (sports, music, art)? What motivates them? Would you like to visit the class? If you cannot meet with the teachers, you can also send a letter or email to them with this information or speak over the phone.
  • Ask your child to use their first language to tell you about school. Speak and read to your child in their native language. Bilingualism and continued language development in the first language is helpful in enriching second-language development.
  • Help your child with their homework if you can.
  • Take your child to the public library to get a library card. While you are there, gather information about story-telling and book reading activities at the library.
  • Explore the possibility of signing your child up for high-interest after school activities, such as sports or art classes. You can find information from Andover's Department of Community Services by calling (978) 623-8274.
  • Make sure your child has a quiet study area at home. Your child may benefit from watching high-quality educational television, such as Sesame Street or Postcards from Buster, which encourage English language development. You can learn more about the shows from PBS.