Clubs & Activities

AHS Book Club Mrs. Walke Mondays 2:15-2:45 pm/Room 222..See Ms. Walke for details
AHS News Mr. Brennan Thursdays 2:05-4:00 pm/TV Studio
AHS Tech Crew Mr. Worthley Every day after school 2:15-4:30 pm/Collins Center
Amigos Unidos Ms. de Kelley/Mr. Rodriguez Meeting dates and times vary/listen for announcements
Amnesty International Mrs. Walke Mondays 2:15 pm/Room 222
Andover Fishing Club Ms. Ead Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 337
Andover Political Review Mr. Bach Thursdays 2:15 pm/Room 377
Andover Quiz Team Mr. Hibino Tuesdays 2:15 pm/Room 353
Anime Club Ms. Francis Thursdays 2:15 pm/Room 367
Art Club Mrs. Daviso Fridays (except 1/2 days) 2:15 pm/Room 115
Asian-American Cultural Club Ms. Wu Fridays 2:30 pm/Room 305
Astronomy Club Mr. Donovan Every other Tuesday 7:15 am/Room 230
Badminton Club Ms. Emery/Ms. Martini
Be the Change Team Mrs. Kirby Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Mrs. Kirby's Office Guidance
Bible Club Mrs. Thompson/Mrs. Irish Wednesdays 7:00 am/Mrs. Kirby's Office Guidance
BioBuilder Club Mrs. L'Ecuyer Tuesdays 7:10 am/Room 315
Bird Club Ms. Caveney Mondays 2:15 pm/Room 225
Chess Club Ms. Rowe Tuesdays 2;15 pm/Library
Classic Movie Club Mr. Howland Fridays 2:15 pm/Room 207
Community Service Coordinator Mr. Pellerin Tuesdays 2:15 pm/Room 201
Computer Recycling Club Ms. DiBenedetto Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 354
Computer Science Club Ms. DiBenedetto Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 354
Cradles to Crayons Club Mrs. Chachus Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 328
Creative Writing Mrs. Meagher Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 209
Dance Club Ms. Bergey/Sam Nieves Tuesdays 2:15 pm/Room 264
Dance Team    
DECA Mrs. Stevens/Mrs. St. Laurent Thursdays 2:25 pm
Debate Team Dr. Michaud Wednesdays 2:05-3:05 pm/Room 232
Destination Imagination Mrs. Givens Tuesdays 2:15 pm/Room 235
Diplomacy Club   Wednesdays 2:05 pm/Library
Drama Guild Mrs. Choquette 1st Friday of month 2:20 pm/Chorus Room
Energize Andover Club Mr. Bledsoe Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 227
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club Mr. Messina Mondays 2:15 pm/Room 227
Environmental Club Mrs. Cutler/Mr. Jannetti Wednesdays 7:15 am/Room 321
FONTS Art/Literary Magazine/Poetry Slam Club Mr. Pellerin Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 201
Freshmen Class Advisors Mr. Abbott/Mr. Duncan   Wednesdays 7:15-7:40 am/Collins Center
From Start to Finish (Mixed Show Choir) Mr. Desjardins/Mrs. Kennedy/Mr. Hernandez Mondays 4:00pm & Wednesdays 5:00pm/Chorus Room
GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) Ms. Mitchell/Mrs. Ganley Thursdays 2:10pm/Room 269
Garden Club Mrs. Cutler Thursdays 7:15am/Room 321
Girls For Girls Mrs. Desfosse Thursdays 7:20am/Room 328
Girls Who Code Ms. DiBenedetto Tuesdays/2:30pm/Room 354
Greater Lawrence Rowing or 978-681-8675  
Hacky Sack Club Mr. Powers Wednesdays/2:10/3rd floor by the elevator
Hiking Club TBA Every other Tuesday/2:15pm/Room 253
Humans of AHS Ms. Frisk Every other Thursday/2:15pm/Room 119
Interact Club Mr. Norton Mondays 2:15pm/Room 201
Investment Club Ms. Wagner Every other Tuesday 2:15pm/Library
The Jungle (student spirit group @ AHS sporting events) Mr. Bledsoe Listen for announcements
Jewish Youth Connection Mr. Hopkins/Mr. Shea Tuesdays 2:15/Room 370
Junior Class Advisors Mrs. Chachus/Mrs. Hibino Fridays 7:15 am/Room 351
Key Club Ms. Pina Tuesdays 2:05 pm/Room 247
Lending Lingo Mrs. Kostousova Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Room 309
LINK (Liberty in North Korea) Club Ms. Pina Iris Choo (AHS student contact)
Math Team Ms. Haltmaier/Mrs. Ogrodowczyk Thursdays 2:15 pm/Room 347
Medical Awareness Club Mrs. McVeigh Every other Tuesdays 2:15 pm/Room 328
Mock Trial Ms. Iascone TBA
Model United Nations Mr. McCarthy Fridays 2:15 pm/Room 255
National Honor Society Mr. Shea 1st Wednesday of the month 2:15 pm/Library
Newspaper Club (Warrior Weekly) Mr. Aubrey Tuesdays 2:15 pm/Room 224
Nothin But Treble (Ladies Show Choir) Mr. Cox/Mrs. Kennedy/Mr. Hernandez Wednesdays 2:45 pm and Thursdays 4:00 pm/AHS Chorus Room
PALS Mr. Greg Wilkin/Phillips Academy Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Off Campus
Philosophy Club Mr. Rand Tuesdays 2:10 pm/Room 255
Ping Pong Club Ms. Emery/Ms. Martini Thursdays 7:00 am/Field House
Positivity Club Ms. Jackie Stackhouse/AYS Thursdays 6:30 pm/Cormier Youth Center
Recycling Club Mrs. Gupte Fridays 2:15 pm/Room 217
Red Cross Club Mr. Howland Every other Thursday 2:05 pm/Room 207
Rho Kappa History Honor Society Mr. Reis For info visit bitly/ahsrhokappa
Robotics Club Mrs. Reidy Wednesdays and Fridays 2:15 pm/Room 359
Roots and Shoots Club Mrs. Cutler Thursday 2:15 pm/Room 321
Rugby Chris Ranwell Evan Lundgren AHS Student Contact
SADD Mrs. Salvesen/Ms. Emery 1st Thursday of the month 7:15 am/Room 326
Science Olympiad Team Mr. Sanborn  
Science Team Mr. Donovan/Ms. Fisher 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays 2:15 pm
Senior Class Advisors Mrs. Breen/Mrs. McVeigh  
Senior Exhibition Ms. D'Alise  
Serenity Club Ms. Blasi/Mrs. J. Collins Every other Thursday 2:15 pm/Room 264
Smash Brothers Club Mr. Brennan Tuesdays 2:05 pm/Room 301
Sophomore Class Advisor Ms. Wagner  
South School Homework Helpers South School Teachers Carolyn Holden (AHS Student Contact) Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:00 pm
Spanish Club Mrs. Gaudiano Thursdays 2:10 pm/Room 313
Student to Student Mentoring Club Mrs. Levin Wednesdays during all 4 lunches/Room 370
Trading Card Club Mr. Berube Wednesdays  2:15 pm/Library
TV Production Club Mr. Brennan/Ms. Antonakos Wednesdays 2:15 pm/TV Studio
Ultimate Frisbee Mr. Keith Westgate (Coach) Listen for announcements
UNICEF Mr. Hall Thursdays 2:15 pm/Room 311
Video Game Club Officer Dowd Wednesdays 2:15 pm/Library
Warrior Way Mrs. Martini  
Yearbook Ms. Aubrey/Ms. Rickley