Clubs & Activities

Please note due to COVID 19 and all the surrounding health/safety regulations the clubs, for the most part, are not meeting live. We are in the process of putting together a calendar of virtual events that we will publish shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  A Cappella Club: This Club will introduce members to a range of "a cappella" music and "a cappella" ensembles.  "A cappella" refers to solo or group singing without accompaniment .  Using video clips and audio clips available online, members will explore a number of different genres of "a cappella" music Katie Bickford, AHS show choir director
   Abolitionist Club: The Abolitionist Club's mission is to end enslavement of people around the globe. Childhood slavery is particularly insidious and rampant. Mr. Jannetti
  Amigos Unidos: This Club is a cultural awareness club dedicated to scholarly support, social enrichment, and community outreach. Ms. de Kelley
Ms. Vargas
  Amnesty International: This Club advocates for human rights. We hold fundraisers to raise money to donate to Amnesty International and also participate in campaigns to spread awareness about universal issues involving human rights. Mrs. Walke
Ms. Giggie
  Art Club:  Students will meet with the advisor for different art activities
  Asian Cultural Club: The Asian Cultural Club aims to spread, promote,
appreciate and celebrate Asian cultural. 
Ms. Wu
  Astronomy Club: This Club will be geared towards enjoying space and our cosmos.  Meetings will be conversational discussions of NASA news, astronomical theories and star gazing.  Once or twice a month we will meet at night to star gaze.  Eventually the group will write an AHS Astronomy blog. TBA
  Be the Change Team: “Be the Change”  has the mission of enhancing the social climate of AHS, to make it a more friendlier welcoming place. We also do activities that help the larger Andover community. Mrs. Kirby
  BioBuilder Club: Join the BioBuilder Club and be one of the 30 teams worldwide to collaborate with MIT to design organisms with new genetic systems.  Members will receive mentor ship from scientist experts in the field of biology, be published in the student authored BioTreks journal , and have opportunities to present MIT and the Museum of Science.  No biology class necessary. Mrs. L'Ecuyer
  Chemistry Club: Students get together to discuss Chemistry and perform guided experiments. Mr. Jannetti
  Clothing Design and Marketing: Ms. Chachus
  Community Service Coordinator Club:  Students may earn credit for performing documented service either during a scheduled directed  study hall block or OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL TIME.
  Community Service - TBA
  Computer Fusion Club:  Will work with the World Computer Exchange organization to test, clean-up, set-up and repair recycled computers for distribution to families/children who need them.
  Computer Science Club: The Computer Science Club participates in and practices for Computer Science related competitions.  Ms. DiBenedetto
  Crochet and Knitting Club: Ms. Chachus

Current Events Club: The Current Events Club meets weekly to review and discuss the biggest news stories of the previous week - both national and international. Prior to the meeting, a shared slideshow is prepared by club members (though mostly by the leadership) with an overview of current events. Students discuss each story and also analyze news outlet biases in reporting style/content. All students are welcome. 
Ms. Vives
  Dance Club:  Dance Club is open to all dancers of any ability level (no auditions).  We perform student choreographed pieces in the AHS pep rally, Mr. AHS, and the annual spring talent show.  All dancers are encouraged to join. N/A
  DECA: Students enrolled in either Marketing or Entrepreneurship  have the opportunity to join the DECA Business and Marketing Organization. Mrs. Stevens
  Debate Team:  The Debate Team meets weekly for students to debate current events issues, as well as to teach students different debate formats and protocols for public speaking.  Twice a year the Team puts on school-wide debate days that feature students debating issues that align with the curriculum of a variety of courses at the high school. Dr. Michaud
  Destination Imagination (DI):  A Club to meet and compete in national Destination Imagination challenges.  This Club welcomes all AHS students interested in being part of a team that would pick a challenge and them compete in the Destination Imagination competition-- locally, statewide, and then nationally. N/A
  Diversity Club:  This Club aims to provide a safe haven for those who wish to express their cultural, gender, and sexual identity. Dr. Allen
  Drama Club Mrs. Choquette
  Environmental Club: The AHS Environmental Club is working toward a more sustainable Andover school district.  The Club helps run and support the recycling/composting programs, reduction in electricity use, and reduction in water use. Mrs. Cutler/Mr. Jannetti
  Entrepreneurship Club:  Mr. Messina
  E-Commerce Club: Learn how to start-up your own e-commerce business. N/A
  Figure Skating Club:   N/A
  Film Club Mr. Dan Brennen
Ms. Sara Antonakos
  Fitness Room:  Near the Dunn Gym
Ms. Emery
  FONTS Art/Literary Magazine/Poetry Slam Club
  From Start to Finish and Nothin’ But Treble:   Andover High’s audition-only show choir groups.Students develop musicianship and proficiency in ensemble performance, study of appropriate literature, vocal techniques, sight singing, and choreography. Repertoire includes selections from popular music, jazz standards, and Broadway musicals. This group competes and works hard to make every performance entertaining for the audience. Show Choir has a heavy schedule of extracurricular performances throughout the year including competitions and festivals that are required. Mr. Desjardins/Mrs. Kennedy/Mr. Hernandez
  GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance):  The Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a safe space for LGBT+ students at Andover HIgh School to discuss issues relevant to the LGBT+ community.  We also celebrate days of recognition,such as Bisexuality Day, Day of Silence, National Coming Out Day, etc, as well as seek to educate and bring awareness to the Andover High community. Ms. Mitchell 
  Girls For Girls:  This Club will focus on fundraising for women's issues with a focus on education.  Examples of organizations the Club will donate to are the YWCA and Girls Learn International. Mrs. Desfosse
  Greater Lawrence Rowing: call GLR or visit their website for more information. 
  Habitat for Humanity:  A non-profit organization that helps build affordable housing in the community.

  Hiking Club:  Members will go on hikes around the nature parks in Andover and observe wild life around us and try to become more connected with nature through exercise and the non-use of electronic devices as much as possible (cell phone will be used in case of emergency). N/A
  Innovation Club:  Members of this Club will teach students entrepreneurship from a curriculum provided by MIT.  Teams will be formed and work with a business idea to practice skills they learned. Mr. Messina
  Interact Club: The Interact Club is a community based club and is a branch of the Rotary Club for AHS students. Participants volunteer at numerous local events such as the Feaster Five, Celtics game, Boys & Girls club, Andover Cares and much more. Mr. Norton
  Investment Club:  Sign up for the (Stock) Investment Club and start exploring with a fantasy $100.000 portfolio on market watch. N/A
  The Jungle (student spirit group @ AHS sporting events) Mr. Bledsoe
  K-Pop Dance Club: Ms. Emery
  Lending Lingo:  Lending Lingo is a group of students devoted to their language studies who wish to spread their appreciation for language and culture throughout Andover schools.  Some activities include listening/learning songs in other languages, trivia & games (scavenger hunts) and creating travel advertisements in other languages. Mrs. Kostousova
  Math Team: The Math Team meets every Thursday from September through March.  The first Thursday of each month from October through March is a Math meet instead of practice.
Ms. Powers
Mr. Foley
  Mock Trial Club: Places high school students in a simulated courtroom where they prepare a hypothetical case and then test their skills as lawyers and witnesses. Students learn more about the law, court procedures and our legal system and get the opportunity to sharpen their analytical, listening and speaking skills. Ms.Giggie
  Model United Nations Club: The Model U.N. Club debates a topic of international interest each week, with members representing nations involved in the issue.  Each January, the Club attends the Harvard Model UN conference with student representation all over the world.  Anybody interested in global affairs and debating are welcome. Mr. McCarthy
  Music Med: This is a club for students to volunteer to play music at Lawrence General Hospital.  Meeting will be once a month.  Mr. Buckridge
  National Honor Society Club:  Students are selected for membership into the Andover High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.  Refer to the AHS Student Handbook for specific criteria. Mr. Shea
  Newspaper Club (Warrior Weekly): The staff of the school's online student newspaper, THE WARRIOR WEEKLY, meets after school each Tuesday to discuss, plan and prepare articles about trends, events and people important to our academic community.  This online open forum for members of AHS welcomes participation and submissions from all interested students. Mr. Aubrey
   Nothin’ But Treble and From Start to Finish:  Andover High’s audition-only show choir groups.  Students develop musicianship and proficiency in ensemble performance, study of appropriate literature, vocal techniques, sight singing, and choreography. Repertoire includes selections from popular music, jazz standards, and Broadway musicals. This group competes and works hard to make every performance entertaining for the audience. Show Choir has a heavy schedule of extracurricular performances throughout the year including competitions and festivals that are required Mr. Cox/Mrs. Kennedy/Mr. Hernandez
  One Wish Project Club: Ms. Desfosse
  PALS: PALS is a partnership between AHS students, Phillips Academy students and Lawrence middle school students.  PALS participants tutor middle school students on Tuesdays at the Parthem Middle School in Lawrence and on Wednesdays members do a fun team building activity at Phillips Academy. Mr. Greg Wilkin/Phillips Academy
  Pet Pals: The goal is to collect donations for different causes at the MSPCA and for animals in need of extra care at the shelter.
Ms. Holm-Andersen
  Philosophy Club:  A Club where students can gather to discuss ideas and to have philosophical discussions. Mr. Rand
  Photography Club
Ms. Frisk
  Political Review Club: Mr. Bach
  Quiz Team Club:  The Quiz Team Club is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity where members of the Team meet weekly for practice in preparation for tournaments and other competitions. The Team is open to all students at AHS. The questions that are asked will cover all academic disciplines as well as current events, sorts and pop culture. During practice sessions, students will play mock games where these type of questions will be asked in a variety of formats. A team(s) will be formed where the competing team members will enter in Quiz Bowl tournaments and attempt to qualify for the 
PBS (WGBH) "High School Quiz Bowl".
Mr. Hibino
  Red Cross Club: Ms. Percival
  Recycling Club: is run by student volunteers at AHS.  Students pick up recyclable material from every room and place it out for curbside pick up.  This is a great, fun activity to carry out with friends for the common good of our community.  Students may also earn community service hours if they wish. Mrs. Gupte
  Rho Kappa National Social Studies  Honor Society (Rho Kappa for short): The Rho Kappa will strive to promote scholarships and recognize academic excellence in the field of social studies.  Activities will include but are not limited to volunteering at the Andover Historical Society, researching and competing in National History Day and researching and writing a paper for The Concord Review. TBA
  Robotics Club: The Andover Robotics Club (ARC) participates in the FIRST FTC competition program.  The Club currently has 3 teams -Thunder, Lighting, and Hailstorm (which is an all girls team) from all grades.  The Club meets all year with qualifying competitions starting in December. ARC has competed at the Mass States Championship for the last 4 years and has won multiple awards.  Club members work together to build and operate the robots, including programming for autonomous portions of the events.  In addition, the Club has sponsored qualifying events at AHS. Mrs. Reidy
  Rugby:  This is a club rugby team that plays other club rugby teams.  No experience necessary.  All are welcome.  Sponsored through Andover Youth Services Chris Ranwell
  Safety Club at AHS: Officer Dubois
  Science Olympiad Team Club: The AHS Science Olympiad Team competes in two very intense science competitions: MIT Invitational and MA Science Olympiad in the spring. The team works hard to prepare for the applied biology, chemistry, and building events that involve various forms of lab work. The team meets every other Thursday each month and welcomes anyone with the passion for science and engineering.  Mr. Sanborn
  Science Team Club: The AHS' Science Team is a team open to all students interested in science, teamwork and competition.  The AHS Science Team is a member of the North Shore Science League and attends 6 League meets per school year and competes with other schools' teams in the League in a variety of science-oriented events, such as engineering, lab techniques, and application of knowledge. Ms. Fisher
Mr. Donovan
  Spanish Club: This club will allow students to be in a culturally immersive environment while also further advancing their Spanish. They will be able to explore different cultural aspects each week while being given the opportunity to improve their language skills outside the class. There will be activities including: food tasting, watching Spanish movies, community service, fundraising, casual discussions, guest speakers, dancing, festival activities and games in Spanish. This club is inclusive to people that may not take Spanish as a class, but want to learn it. Ms. Deschenes
  STEM: Women in STEM aims to close the gender gap and promote female-identifying and nonbinary students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The club encourages acceptant communication between its members, while providing resources for students to learn about different STEM fields to gauge their interest, expand their understanding of STEM occupations, and help them pursue their career goals. Through unbounded exploration and support, Women in STEM hopes to promote the success of its members in STEM fields during their time at Andover High School as well as post-graduation. Ms. Holms-Anderson
  Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD): Group of about 80 students who meet monthly to get together and promote healthy living. Ms. Emery
Ms. Salvesen
  Student Government Association (SGA) : SGA is comprised of students who are interested in policy and school culture issues.  Members serve on the School Council and one member serves as a school committee liaison.  Students advocate for student rights in the form of proposing changes to the AHS Student Handbook, school committee policies, and internal AHS procedures.  SGA runs two voter registration drives a year and sponsors a Civil Rights Day event annually. Ms. Costello
  Students to Students Mentoring: is a program designed to ease the transition into the high school for freshmen and transfer students.  The program includes new students meeting weekly with upperclassmen and talking about school based issues, time management, curriculum, teacher expectations, club available, tutoring if necessary.  This will occur during H block next year.  The program is managed by a student board with Mrs. Levin, LICSW, as the coordinator of the program Ms. Levin
  Tech Club: Mr. Worthley
  Trading Card Club: The Club meets to play trading card games like Yu-gi-oh, Magic the Gathering and Pokemon.  The Club also hosts tournaments. Mr. Berube
  Tri-M Music Honor Society
Ms. Hofius
  Ultimate Frisbee: Sponsored through AYS Mr. Keith Westgate (Coach)
  UNICEF: (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) strives to fight for children around the world through advocacy and fundraising. Our club supports the organization by hosting our annual Valentine's Day Rose Sale, duct-tape "Sticking Up for UNICEF" Fundraiser, Tap Water Project, and more. Come help us make a difference in the world!

Mr. Hall
  Warrior Way: is a student leadership - community service - mentoring program designed to promote positive values in students throughout the Andover Public School System. Created in the fall of 2009, the Warrior Way pairs Andover High School student athletes with elementary and middle school students and is intended to give all students a strong foundation with regard to character, teamwork, effort and sportsmanship. With visits to all of the elementary and middle schools throughout the year, the younger students in the community are exposed not only to the Warrior Way ideals but are also given the chance to interact with prominent student athletes at Andover High. Through this program we are hoping to develop both stronger leaders and better teammates/classmates – as well as forging a sense of unity and togetherness within the town. Ms. Cashman
Ms. McNally
  Yearbook Club: Students  will learn how to use advanced hardware and software technologies  to develop the Andover High School Yearbook.

Ms. Rickley
Ms. Stevens
  Young Democrats Club of AHS - YDAHS will attempt to create progressive, political, activism in the High School, the town of Andover, and in the nation.  Through affiliation with the Young Democrats of Massachusetts and Young Democrats of America, we will organize phone banks, canvasses, and events in the area Mr. Rand