Sanborn Elementary School

Welcome to Sanborn Elementary!

The Henry C. Sanborn School, built in 1962 and renovated in 1996, was named for a former school superintendent. A neighborhood school, Sanborn has 350 students. The professional staff of 17 full-time classroom teachers is highly educated and continues to take advantage of professional development opportunities. The faculty and staff are supplemented by additional part-time individuals in order to provide various support services.
The core curriculum includes up-to-date resource materials. Beyond the core academic areas, students participate in physical education, music, visual arts, media, and computer literacy classes. All third-graders learn to read music through playing the recorder. All fourth- and fifth-graders are invited to join an in-school chorus. Student Council is a voluntary activity for all fourth- and fifth-graders on a rotating basis and emphasizes social responsibility.

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