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Wellness Team Guide

APS Wellness Guide

As our schools reopen, it will be crucial to establish student monitoring practices in regards to relationships, engagement, and social-emotional functioning/mental health. Historically, there have been varying methods for doing so across APS. This year, there needs to be a streamlined, uniform method that is flexibly adaptive should schools shift to a hybrid in-peron/remote or fully remote situation. Further, each school will need a manner of tracking staff support needs ranging from daily support to PD provision. For this reason, it is recommended that each APS school assemble a Wellness Team:

  • Building administrator
  • Mental health staff (social work, psychology)
  • Nurse
  • General Ed. representation
  • Special Ed. representation
  • ELL representation
  • Guidance representation (@ AHS)

The Wellness Team will oversee several larger tasks:

  • Student Monitoring (Use of Tiered support model)
  • Organizing and implementing mental health screenings
  • Review aggregate student data for progress monitoring
  • Oversee relationship mapping activities
  • Oversee information related to student engagement
  • Student/Family Outreach
    • Organize outreach methods and assign staff when students are not engaging with school (i.e. school avoidance, disconnect in remote learning contexts)
    • Address family needs that present barrier to engagement (i.e. lack of access to remote learning resources)
  • Staff support:
    • Responding to staff help requests
    • Providing staff wellness ‘booster’ activities
    • Organizing and providing staff PD with a rotating roster of teachers/staff to co-lead Pd and wellness activities
  • Each Wellness Team will be building based with cross-teaming via central office admin (i.e. Clinical Director, Social Work Coordinator)
  • It is recommended that each team have a dedicated weekly time to analyze data and  complete tasks. 
  • Telehealth: APS social workers have been trained in telehealth and they are able to provide services through this medium whenever circumstances warrant. Some services will be provided via telehealth in order to avoid mixing multiple cohorts per DESE guidelines. APS has developed an extensive telehealth guidebook and our services are FERPA compliant.