Digital Learning Vision

The mission of the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) is to develop a strategic vision for digital learning for Andover Public Schools and to ensure that all members of the Andover community are fully supported in their explorations and uses of digital technology for the purpose of advancing teaching and learning. This office has a critical role in helping APS to leveraging and shaping digital tools and environments in service of students’ educational experiences.


Beliefs (why will we do this?)

  • We believe that tech integration is the key to raising student who are active global citizens

Mission (How will we accomplish this?)

  • Our 1:1 learning initiative will facilitate the personalization of instruction and the citizenship of our students.

Vision (What does this mean for students?)

  • Our students are being equipped to be active, engaged, 21st century learners.

Blended Learning is a pathway to personalization.  Personalization is a hallmark of effective Blended Learning.

Personalization is most effective when the teacher as a facilitator needs to have a key and virtual role in making sure that the scaffolding that needs to happen within learning is not left up to the student but guided by the teacher.

Personalization can happen when:

  • We need to ensure systems are integrated and simplified for ease of use and optimization of learning.
  • Rethink curriculum and schools designs to actively work toward personalization
  • Make the school a true learning community.

Integration and simplification of systems is essential to support a digital ecosystem.  This will allow teachers more time to teach rather than managing systems.