SAT Scores: Comparisons among Districts


The College Board made content, format, and scoring changes to the SAT in 2016, results for which are reported for the class of 2017. The College Board now reports SAT results for only two tests: math and “evidence-based reading and writing.” Massachusetts DESE notes, “For the years 2007 through 2016, this report provides SAT results based on graduate cohorts determined by The College Board. Starting with 2017, this report provides SAT results for tests taken during the selected year.” In the first year of reported results following these changes, Andover ranked fifth in reading/writing and fourth in math. We cannot compare the results to prior years because of the changes, so past trends are still included below.

SAT District Comparison Reading Writing 2017
SAT District Comparison Math 2017


Winchester, Needham and Wellesley (+) outperform Andover on all three tests historically (2007-2016). Andover consistently meets or significantly outperforms (*) most other districts (p<=.05). Andover has its highest performance and rank among districts in SAT (Math) scores. In 2016, Andover ranked fifth among districts in average scores on Reading and Writing and fourth on Math tests.

SAT Comparison Reading
SAT Comparison Writing
SAT Comparison Math