FAQ - 7+H

Frequently Asked Questions about Andover High School

7+H Schedule

Q: Why is the schedule changing at Andover High School (AHS)?

A: The schedule at AHS is changing from a 4x4 semesterized block schedule to a modern 7+H year-long rotating schedule for a number of reasons.  The 7+H schedule will allow both students and teachers more time with subject material since classes will be offered the entire year, thereby reducing gaps in learning.  The 7+H schedule also adds a level of personalization, academic support during the school day, and an advisory period.  These are all important opportunities for students that are simply not available with the current schedule. The 7+H schedule creates additional opportunities for authentic learning and innovative programming within the larger community.

Most of the top school districts in Massachusetts have already implemented year-long rotating schedules. The implementation of the 7+H schedule at AHS would allow us to keep pace with other top districts in Massachusetts.

Q: What does the 7+H schedule look like?

A: The 7+H schedule is a year-long, 8-day rotating schedule consisting of 5 periods per day with a half hour for lunch. Here is a blank schedule.

7 plus H color schedule.png