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What A Year! Mass. Society for Medical Research Annual Student Competition

The 2017 MSMR Student Competition – “Hot News!” In the 2017 competition, you may submit an Essay, a Poster or a Website. You may submit multiple entries, but they must be on different topics.

The Challenge
  • For the 2017 MSMR Student Competition, you are a journalist working at a science news service for teenagers. 
  • Your editor wants a report on a recent biomedical research break-through. You have to learn about this new research and present it in a way that shows you really understand what it is and what it means. Your presentation should also be appealing to your audience – teenage science students. 
  • Your editor will accept your work as an Essay, a Poster or a Website, but she is stubborn and cranky and has firm requirements for each kind of submission. Make sure you don’t get fired: follow the boss’s rules, on the following pages. 
  • As a journalist you know that there are many ways to get info about new discoveries, including science websites, TED Talks, science news blogs, research journals, newspapers, magazines, news releases from research organizations, interviews, and your teachers, parents and friends. To get you started, a few specific suggestions are included on pages 9 and 10, below. 
To Be Successful 
  • You must show that you understand the topic and can present it with originality, creativity, clarity and economy. Judging is based on (a) the quality of the information you provide, (b) how well your submission exemplifies the actual biomedical research, and (c) the power of your work. Create your entry so that your audience wants to read or view it. 
Student Prizes (in each Level)
  • 1st Place $500 
  • 2nd Place $250 
  • 3rd Place $100 
  • HM – Certificate of Merit 
Classroom Grants to Teachers (in each Level)
  • 1st Place $100 
  • 2nd Place $50 
  • 3rd Place $25 
For more information, go to:

Deadline: All Posters, Essays, Websites and Entry Forms for the 2017 Competition must be submitted by May 8, 2017, inclusive.

Eligible Participants: New England students in grades 7 - 8 (Level 1) or grades 9 - 12 (Level 2). Every student is eligible: public, parochial, private/independent, home-school. 

2017 Infrastructure Day Signature Competition For Grades 9-12

At present, there is no way to take a train from north of Boston and head either west or south of the city.  How would you solve this problem?  Winners will be special guests at Infrastructure Day on May 13, 2017.  This poster contest is a great opportunity.  We are finding it popular already with high school seniors wishing to do an independent study during the second half of the year.  Visit for rules!  Infrastructure Day will be a whole day of activities, talks, tours and everything else, all aimed at celebrating the 180th birthday of Boston’s Seaport District.