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Press Release on Facilities Assessment Communities Forum Wed, Feb. 24 @6:30PM

Press Release: MGT Unveils Facility Master Plan on Tuesday, June 7th at Memorial Hall Library

Andover Facilities Master Plan: Final Report Powerpoint - June 7, 2016

Andover Facilities MGT Final Report - June 20, 2016

Andover Facilities MGT Final Report Appendices - June 20, 2016

Facility Survey

 We’d Like to Hear From You---Facility Master Plan Community Survey

The Town of Andover and the Andover Public Schools have launched a facility master planning process. We’d like to hear from community members, parents and employees so that we can include your perspective in the planning process. We have contracted with MGT of America, Inc., for the development of the comprehensive facility master plan. They will include the information obtained from the survey to help set facility improvement, renovation and replacement priorities.

The purpose of this survey is to solicit from community members their perceptions and opinions regarding critical issues facing both Andover Public Schools and several Town of Andover facilities. Survey results will aid in identifying the most important issues to be considered in the master plan. All surveys will remain confidential. No effort will be made to identify any survey respondents. The survey will be open through March 9th and should only take a few minutes of your time. Please note that you cannot save the survey to continue later.

If you have questions regarding the facility master plan, please contact Dodds Cromwell of MGT of America at (360) 866-7303 or for more information. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Please start with the survey now by clicking on the link below.


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Video from Andover Community Forum on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 @the Cormier Youth Center